Live Blog: Dawg Pack Photo Shoot

I’ve been instructed to be on the computer, so I’m just gonna write this. We’re currently crammed into the living room of my brother’s house, mean-mugging for ESPN’s cameras.

This is pretty much Ernie Kent’s nightmare right now. So far we have an “Ernesto: Seeking Proper Nuptials (ESPN)” sign, a “Just Blew It” sign (complete with the Nike swoosh and Duck colors), the infamous “Nunca Olvide, Never Forget” masterpiece, and more in the works.

God, it’s fun to hate the Ducks.

3 thoughts on “Live Blog: Dawg Pack Photo Shoot”

  1. Hey — this has probably already been suggested, but be sure to get the “Win-a-Rose-Bowl!” chant going. I usually hate to see BB and football mixed, but America needs a reminder that Oregon hasn’t won a Rose Bowl since Woodrow Wilson was president. Go Dawgs!

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