Destroy Oregon

Their football team just lost the Rose Bowl to Ohio State. Now it’s time for their basketball team to fall.

Make no mistake. This is a huge game for the Huskies. Oregon represents all that is bad in this world. Washington represents all that is good. If the good in this world is to prevail over evil, the Dawgs must win this ballgame.

On top of all that, there will be a spotlight on Washington in this game, as ESPN will be in the house. The Network is profiling the Dawg Pack for an article in their upcoming fan issue. A good showing by the crowd is just as important as a great showing from the team.

Finally, if you’re a new Dawg fan, take note of the fact that tomorrow is Mexican Heritage Day at Hec Ed.

All day long, Husky fans will be celebrating the accomplishments of our neighbors to the south. It is absolutely imperative that you join in the festivities by wearing Mexican-themed clothing, bringing signs with Mexican-themed phrases, or simply cheering in Spanish. It’s a fiesta, and you’re invited!

Let’s help the Ducks go 0-2 in 2010. Beat Oregon!

Go Dawgs!

5 thoughts on “Destroy Oregon”

  1. just txted “elo” roughly 200 times :D hopes he gets the picture that we are eating lots of duck tomorrow in seattle

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