Dawg Pack Dirt: University of Oregon

Dawg Pack Dirt: Oregon

Volume 6, Issue 12,  January 2, 2010

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

Great job starting off Pac-10 play right Dawg Pack! We hope you all had a great night celebrating the win and bringing in the New Year.

This next game is huge because ESPN The Magazine will be present to do a story on the Dawg Pack, and it is our annual — and perhaps last — Mexican Heritage Night, in honor of Oregon head coach Ernie Kent. Make sure to come decked out in Mexican attire and be ready to celebrate our neighbor to the south.

The Game:

-Oregon Ducks at Washington Huskies

-Saturday, January 2, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. PST

The Team:

Oregon is currently 9-4 overall and 1-0 in Pac-10 play. Their record includes losses to Montana and Portland and a cheap, double-overtime win over WSU on New Year’s Eve, thanks to some help from Pac-10 refs. So make sure to let them know how you feel about that.

-The Oregon football team just finished losing in the Rose Bowl and it’s very likely that nobody in Eugene cares about Oregon basketball, so make sure to remind them.

-The Ducks just spent their New Year’s in Pullman. That’s something no person should ever be subjected to, so make sure to comfort them regarding that traumatizing event.

The Coach:

– Head Coach Ernie Kent might be making his final appearance in Hec Ed as the head coach of the University of Oregon, due to the losing and negativity that has surrounded the program the last few years.

For any Dawg Pack newcomers who may not know the story, the Dawg Pack likes to celebrate Ernie’s (will be referred to from now on as Ernesto) return each year by having a Mexican Heritage Night. This stems from a so-called “recruiting trip” taken by Ernesto down to Mexico in which he allegedly brought a booster’s daughter along for the ride.

The heckling that comes from this infamous trip has followed Ernesto around throughout his career, but originated with the Dawg Pack, where the love for our Mexican brethren remains stronger than any other Pac-10 program.

Make sure to go all out to celebrate the lifestyle of our neighbors to the south, and brush up on your Spanish because if this is Ernesto’s final appearance at Hec Ed, we want to make it a good one.

Ernesto also petitioned the Pac-10 at one point to try and get the Dawg Pack moved to the other side of the court, so make sure to let him know we’re behind him.

The Players:

-#33 C Michael Dunigan (So.) along with teammates Josh Crittle and Teondre Williams, made the news last year when they were handcuffed and cited by police for illegally using BB guns to shoot at ducks and geese at a park in Eugene last March.

Police initially held the three players at gunpoint after witnessing Crittle fire 20 shots at the pond and Dunigan throwing his weapon into the water when he noticed the authorities.

The trio plead guilty to misdemeanor charges in court and were sentenced to 30 hours community service each. Additionally, Coach Ernie Kent punished the players with community service at Greenhill Humane Society, mostly cleaning animal pens.

Do everything you can to remind the players that “Duck on Duck crime” and “Fowl play” just isn’t cool.

And if you thought Oregon State’s Lathen Wallace had a bad assist-to-turnover ratio at 1/7, check out Michael’s 1/17. Sure, he’s a center, but that is just ridiculous.

-#3 G Garrett Sim (So.) goes by the nickname “G Sim”. Talk about originality.

-#11 G Malcolm Armstead (So.) calls himself “Mac Money” and “Mac Sauce” and we’re fairly sure that he just made both names up himself.

-#12 G Tajuan Porter (Sr.), Oregon’s resident player with little man syndrome, will sadly be making his last return to Hec Ed.

He has a reputation of being quite the little hot head and talker.

He occasionally pulls up and takes three-pointers  that can only be described as stupid. Though they sometimes go in, make sure to have him shoot from everywhere on the court during warm-ups.

Tajuan’s little man syndrome was evidenced in the summer of 2006 when he was cut from the USA U-18 team by none other than Lorenzo Romar. Tajuan was quick to blame being cut on his size and not the fact that he liked to jack up and miss 30-footers. Little did Tajuan know or care to realize that Romar had always given little guys a chance (ex. Nate Robinson, Isaiah Thomas).

-#34 F Joevan Catron (Sr.) goes by the nickname “Duke”. He also has “THE BOSS” tattooed across his back so if we’re lucky and ask him enough he might give us a peek, or perhaps tell us the meaning, because I’m sure it has to be really deep and thoughtful.

-#15 G John Elorriaga (So.) goes by the nickname “Elo” He was also disappointed about having to spend New Year’s in Pullman with his status update saying “Pullman for new years, damn.”

You can give him a call on his cell phone to comfort him at [edited for relevance].

Here he is playing with a five-year-old’s Nerf gun set.

-#21 F Jamil Wilson (Fr.) has tons of terrible rapping and singing videos. Here’s his rendition of Just a Friend. Warning, it’s bad…  You can also harass him on Twitter at @LimajNosliw21.

-#24 G LeKendric Longmire (Jr.) goes by the nickname “K-Long”. Another great piece of originality.

-#25 F E.J. Singler (Fr.) has a brother named Kyle Singler who just so happens to be one of the best players at Duke University. Make sure to unfairly let him know who the better Singler brother is.

-#32 G Teondre Williams (So.) (See Michael Dunigan) Harass him on Twitter at @Twilliam32.

-#42 F Josh Crittle (So.) (See Michael Dunigan) His girlfriend’s name is Sammy, and he can be harassed on Twitter @ODucks42.

Final Notes:

Since ESPN The Magazine will be focusing on the Dawg Pack for this game, there is no better time than now to be crazy. It’s crazy that we’re getting this national attention anyway so let’s not disappoint. Come early. Stay late. Be loud. Wear purple.

-Get your UW Snuggies ready. There is a plan in the works to have a Snuggie game in the Dawg Pack. More info will come soon but there is some possible advertisement stuff that needs to be worked out.

-If you’re not already doing so, follow the Dawg Pack on Twitter @UWDawgPack, join the Facebook group “Welcome to Romarville – The Dawg Pack”, and visit www.seattlesportsnet.com for daily updates, dirt, and more! Tell your friends!


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