ESPN/Dawg Pack Photo Shoot This Saturday!!

Important news for Husky fans!

ESPN The Magazine is doing a story on the Dawg Pack for their upcoming fan issue and have scheduled a photo shoot for THIS SATURDAY before the Oregon game.

The shoot will take place before and during the contest and will begin around 9:00 AM. ESPN has instructed me to gather as many Husky fans as possible to get out there for the shoot. The crazier the better!

The only requirements they’ve included are as follows:

-Wear purple.

-Bring items with significance to Mexico (if you don’t know why, read about it here, scroll down the page).

-Bring signs, or items for making signs. The crew wants to photograph the pregame work that goes into making the Dawg Pack what it is, so if you plan on making a sign, you should do it outside Hec Ed so they can photograph it. (And please, if someone can make a sign that says ‘NEVER FORGET’ and ‘NUNCA OLVIDE’ on it, I would be so, so happy.)

-Be crazy!

This is HUGE exposure for the University of Washington, and, as far as I can recall, the first national article ever written about the Dawg Pack. Get there early to be a part of the event!

Any questions, contact us at

Go Dawgs!

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