Bienvenidos a Mexican Fiesta Week!

In case you haven’t checked your pocket schedule lately, the University of Oregon men’s basketball team is coming to town on Saturday, which means one thing: Mexican Fiesta Night.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking this gag has run its course. WRONG! If there is any gag that will never fully run its course, it’s this one, otherwise known as Ernie Kent’s nightmare.

Fact: The Huskies have won eight straight home contests against the Ducks, dating back to 2002. You think that has anything to do with Mexican Fiesta Night? Absolutely, it does. Which is why we must continue the tradition for as long as Kent is in command.

If honoring Mexico isn’t enough cause for celebration, think about the moral righteousness we’re spreading by holding this wonderful annual event. This should serve as a lesson to all the infidels out there that adultery does not pay. You cheat on your spouse, and chances are you’ll be embarrassed by your arch-rival. It’s as simple as that.

Finally, if you still need more motivation, ESPN The Magazine is currently putting an article together on, among other things, the evolution of the Dawg Pack. A nice big showcase on Saturday for all the viewers out there couldn’t hurt the profile of the UW, and might very well be recognized by the national media. So let’s make it happen. Here’s a list of ways you can do your part:

  • Make a sign that says ‘NEVER FORGET’ at the top, and ‘NUNCA OLVIDE’ (the Spanish translation for ‘never forget’) at the bottom.
  • Wear a sombrero.
  • Make a sign with a taco on it that simply says ‘TACO.’
  • Wave a Mexican flag.
  • Bring pictures of Spanish people, places, items, etc.
  • Cheer in Spanish.

More info will be presented in the Dawg Pack Dirt for Oregon later in the week. Until then, enjoy Mexican Fiesta Week.

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