Dawg Pack Dirt: Texas A&M University

*Editor’s note: We apologize for failing to post the Dawg Pack Dirt for the Portland game on Saturday. An info sheet was compiled by our contributors for the game, but this editor was out of town and unable to post the Dirt online. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. In other news, Dawg Pack Dirt will be featured in an ESPN The Magazine article for their upcoming fan issue, and the UW student section will simultaneously be recognized as one of the best in the nation. Go Dawgs!

Dawg Pack Dirt: Texas A&M

Volume 6, Issue 9, December 22, 2009

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

Great job against Portland, Dawg Pack! We weren’t too sure how many students would be in town to attend the game and although the Dawg Pack wasn’t full, it was still effective.

This next game against Texas A&M is our biggest game of the season yet, and we are going to have to do everything we can to make the Aggies never want to make a trip to Seattle again. Come prepared to lose your voice and to help the Dawgs take down a good non-conference opponent. If you can’t make it, make sure someone else gets your ticket and is willing to wear purple and be loud. With that, we hope you are all enjoying your break and enjoying the holidays. On with the dirt…

The Game:

-Texas A&M Aggies at Washington Huskies

-Tuesday, December 22, 2009 at 8 p.m. PST

-Bank of America Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion

The Team:

Texas A&M is a member of the Big-12 Conference which is home to the #1 and #2 teams in the country in Kansas and Texas respectively.

-The Aggies are currently 9-2 with its biggest test of the season ending in a 73-66 loss to #6 West Virginia.

-A&M is currently ranked one spot ahead of Washington in the AP Top 25 at #23.

-College Station, Tex. — where Texas A&M is located — is essentially the Pullman of the South, so make sure to ask their players how they like the big city.

The Players:

-#12 C James Blasczyk (Fr.) also goes by the name “Jimmy Blass” just in case you can’t pronounce his last name. He also says that he’s getting tired of all these practices so make sure to console him and reassure him that it will be ok since he probably won’t get into the game given that he’s only played seven minutes this season. Oh, and he’s the awkward red-headed 7-footer, in case you can’t find him.

-#33 F Marshall “El Pollo Fuerte” Carrell (Jr.) probably won’t play since he’s only gotten four minutes in two appearances this season. I just thought it was funny that Texas A&M’s official website sums up his 2008-2009 campaign with one sentence: “pulled down two rebounds against Jackson State.” He was also a la lucha libre wrestler for Halloween going by the name, “El Pollo Fuerte” (The Strong Chicken) as seen here.

-#31 G Chris Chapman (Sr.) is shooting 1.000% on the year, as he is 1-1. Make sure to let him know during warm-ups not to mess it up.

-#0 F Bryan Davis (Sr.) is an Agricultural Leadership major. Only at Texas A&M… *Editor’s Note: His name is also Bryan Davis, not unlike former FSN broadcaster and current Oklahoma City play-by-play man, Brian Davis.

-#5 G Dash Harris (So.) already has a great first name but his nickname is “Cookie Monster”. Give the man what he wants I guess.

-#23 G Naji “Skip” Hibbert (Fr.) is someone we definitely need to encourage to take more shots. He is currently shooting 25% from the field, 52% from the charity stripe, and 23% from beyond the arc. He goes by the nickname “Skip” as well.

-#11 G B.J. Holmes (Jr.) has a pretty gross mustache in his media picture. For our sake, I hope he hasn’t shaved yet.

-#3 G Derrick “D-Ro” Roland (Sr.) prefers to go by the nickname “D-Ro”. He also likes to jack up threes, and very often not put them in the basket.

-#45 F Nathan Walkup (Jr.) is a lover of small little monkeys or squirrels or something… I’ll just let you be the judge…


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