I’ve Never Been So Happy To See Milton Bradley

Back in the United States after an eight-day trip to the Caribbean. Hanging out in South Carolina for the next week before returning to Seattle after Christmas.

And in other news, I just found out we traded Carlos Silva for Milton Bradley and now need to buy Jack Zduriencik lunch. I’ll wait my turn behind the M’s chef, who likely had his workload cut in half with Silva’s departure.

Man, what a week. And I wasn’t even in the area to be a part of it. First Chone Figgins, then Cliff Lee, and now the departure of Silva and subsequent arrival of Milton Bradley.

I’ll admit I’ve never thought much of Milton Bradley. He has a reputation as a troublemaker and has been inconsistent as all hell throughout his career. But damn if I don’t love him like a son today. I feel like Randy Quaid and his buddies in Major League II. You know, when the Indians sign Jack Parkman before the season starts. One of those guys admits to hating Parkman prior to the team acquiring him, then professes his newfound love for the catcher as a result of his uniform change. That’s basically how I feel about Milton Bradley now.

With all due respect to Bradley, this has little to do with him. Carlos Silva could have been swapped for a no-armed shortstop and nobody would mind. The fact that we gave up $9 million to rid ourselves of his cholo girth matters not. Strap a cowbell around his neck, give him a good smack on the behind, and send him on his way to Chicago. Let them deal with him. I’m just glad to see him go.

Anyhow, give me a day to catch up on the local sports news and I’ll be back writing within the next couple days. I’m in the process of finishing up this laid-back vacation and gearing up for Christmas, too. Hope all of you are getting a few days off for the holidays, and let’s all get down on our knees and worship at the altar of Lord Zduriencik until the season starts. It’s a great day to be a Seattle sports fan!

2 thoughts on “I’ve Never Been So Happy To See Milton Bradley”

  1. Yeah, Bradley could be a disaster, but at least he will give us a decent bat in the line-up. Silva gave us nothing but a warped bench.

    If there is anybody in this world who could keep Milton in check, it would be Griffey. Hopefully, Junior can be a positive influence on the guy.

    And hopefully the Seahawks can find a GM as good as Jackie Z. That guy is incredible at what he does. Signed a rivals all-star 3rd baseman. Gave up some mid-level prospects for one of the best pitchers in the game. And got rid of a worthless fat ass for a guy who is capable of hitting .300 and 25 homers. So, he might attack the 3rd base coach with a bat….so what.

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