Ironman of the Year Award: Adrian Beltre

If you’ve ever been hit in the testicles, you likely join me in applauding the heroics of Seattle Mariners’ third baseman Adrian Beltre.

A warrior in every sense of the word, Beltre endured the most painful of injuries earlier this year when a ground ball struck him directly in the man area. Not one to succumb to physical calamity, Beltre shrugged off the damage like a bad cough and continued playing in the game, unaware that he was suffering from a lacerated, bleeding testicle. Wow, just wow.

Beltre reluctantly made his way to the disabled list when word came down that his future children were in danger of ever being born, but returned to the playing field after a brief stint on the sideline.

Upon surviving the incident and its resulting aftermath, Beltre resumed his position at the hot corner and reportedly did so (at least initially) without a protective cup. Call it bravery or stupidity. Either way, Adrian Beltre is our Ironman of the Year, and unlike his sperm count, you can’t take that away from him.

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