My Sincerest Apologies To Lamar Odom

lamarkhloeOkay, Lamar Odom. You win.

After watching the Khloe and Lamar wedding episode on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it’s pretty much impossible to hate on the Lakers forward anymore. I actually feel bad for picking on the guy all these years.

I’ll admit, I said some nasty things about Lamar.

I stated that it looked like he was marrying a Chyna clone.

I mentioned that he was an inconsistent underachiever who was the NBA’s version of J.D. Drew.

I even went so far as to nickname him Lam-O Kardashian.

I retract all my previous statements. Lamar Odom is worthy of my affection.

I’m convinced that if anyone cheats in this relationship, it will be that wife of us his and not him. Crazy, I know. But if you saw the episode, you know what I’m talking about.

Lamar Odom is a softy who might be the sweetest, most affectionate player in the NBA. That’s not even an exaggeration. The dude tugged on my heartstrings more than once. I was actually buying into his game. Or lack thereof. Whatever it was, it worked.

Here’s a brief chronology of the events surrounding Lamar in the episode:

-Lamar and Khloe wake up in a bedroom somewhere and a half-awake Lamar keeps muttering “I love you” over and over to his fiancee who sits and rubs his back and tells him “I know.”

-Lamar meets the Kardashian family for the first time, enters the room, and proceeds to walk right over to Khloe’s mom and give her a big hug.

-Khloe mentions that Lamar refuses to have sex with her until they’re married. For some reason, I believe this.

-Lamar sits next to Khloe’s de facto father at dinner, Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner, and tells the story of how his mom died when he was 12 and how’s he had a rough life with no siblings and virtually no family.

Jenner — who had given the cold shoulder to Lamar up ’til this point after not finding out about the wedding until the day prior (through the media, no less) — admits in a confessional that he has warmed up to his future stepson-in-law and has respect for Odom’s success despite trying circumstances. It should also be noted that Jenner is a big Lakers fan, which would probably give him even greater reason to dislike Lamar from the outset (Laker fans have a stigma about Lamar. Too inconsistent, too lackadaisical, too detached…you name it, they’ve said it).

-Lamar officially proposes to Khloe in front of her whole family with a diamond ring the size of New Hampshire.

-Lamar cries at the rehearsal dinner when Bruce Jenner gets up, speaks to the group, breaks down himself, then welcomes Lamar into the family.

-Lamar sits next to his agent at the rehearsal dinner because he has no friends. In fact, as we come to find out, Khloe may be his only true friend. Not because Lamar is a bad guy or anything. But simply because he’s quiet, a loner, and scarred by past experiences. He’s like a puppy at the pound. You can’t help but feel for him at this point.

-Lamar cries at the wedding. I think he cried one other time that I forgot to mention, which makes three times in this episode that Lamar has cried.

-Lamar’s best man is his high school basketball coach, a paunchy white guy who appears to be in his forties. Two peas in a pod.

-Lamar seemingly never leaves Khloe’s side during the reception. It’s clear that he loves her.

If you’re not convinced, just watch the episode. It’s somewhat compelling if you’re an NBA fan, plus you get to see Kim Kardashian bounce around a little bit here and there…you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Once again, Lamar, I’m truly sorry. I wish you the very best as you move forward with your life. God forbid that woman cheats on a stand-up character like yourself.


5 thoughts on “My Sincerest Apologies To Lamar Odom”

  1. how about you write an article apologizing to your family/friends/followers for actually watching keeping up with the kardashians

  2. This will sound completely hollow, but I only watched this episode because someone else in this house wanted to watch it. Like I said, completely hollow.

    Furthermore, I will say that it’s trainwreck interesting. Can’t take your eyes off it once you see it.

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