Dawg Pack Dirt: Portland State University

portlandstateDawg Pack Dirt: Portland State

Volume 6, Issue 4, November 15, 2009

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

Game 3 of the regular season and the last game of the Athletes in Action Classic is a matchup between Portland State University and our Washington Huskies. As always, come early, stay late, be loud, and wear purple. On with the dirt…

The Game:

-Portland State Vikings at Washington Huskies

-This game is part of the Athletes in Action Classic

-Sunday, November 15, 2009 at 7 p.m. PST

-Bank of America Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion

-Belmont and Wright State play at 4:30 p.m. and your ticket will get you into that game as well.

The Team:

-Portland State is a member of the Big Sky Conference.

-The Vikings went 23-10 last season and won the Big Sky Conference Tournament, giving them a berth in the NCAA tournament. They also came close to beating the UW at Hec Ed last season in a game in which Jon Brockman was hurt.

-PSU lost 3 starters from last season.

The Players:

-Jr. #14 G Alonzo Brandon admittedly shops at Forever 21 and his friends make fun of him for it so we should too. He recently went to the USC vs. Oregon game to root for the Ducks which is reason enough to hate him. He’s having trouble in stats class because there are “too many damn formulas.” So maybe we should encourage him to study a little more. Recently he had a status update that read “My [friend] said the funniest [thing] this morning, I laughed so hard I literally threw up.” So everyone bring out the comedian in yourself.

-Jr. #50 C Stephen Christensen is also an Oregon fan, as well as an avid fan of the Beer Bong. Exhibit A.

-Sr.  #1 F Julius Thomas has a bit of a flatulence problem. On the bus ride up from Portland to Seattle teammate Jamie Jones said “The farts on the bus have begun…Julius has got it going early…”

-Fr. #30 F Kenton Bansemer is a very photogenic aspiring Abercrombie model as you can see from his senior picture collage.

-Sr. #44 F Jamie Jones says this about his teammate Alonzo Brandon: “His drinking, it’s affecting his court personality, vision, and thought process.” And this picture of Jamie has a bunch of things wrong about it.

-So. #15 G Dane Johnson has fallen into the habit of smoking cigars. Classy. When he’s not keeping up with the Huskies’ speed, maybe we should remind him that smoking is bad for your lungs.

-Jr. #21 F Phil Nelson for those that don’t remember was a Husky his freshman year here. He’s one of the reasons that Quincy is our only senior right now and I’d say that things worked out decently for us after last season. Word is that he left because he didn’t like being yelled at during practice by coaches and that’s the story that we’ll stick by. Let him know he’s not a Husky anymore when you see him walking around and talking to people like he owns the place and make sure to yell at him since that is something he obviously doesn’t enjoy.

-Sr. #11 G Dominic Waters is one of those guys that is just overly emotional and he constantly gives you things to yell at him about. Here are just a couple things that I observed after his game against Belmont. He likes to scream, “WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” and get a crunched up face when he gets a foul called on him and he laughed when we had the Dawg Pack “WHOOOOOOO!!!!” right back at him. He also may have rolled his ankle a record setting 30 times during the game and within seconds he’d be running around like nothing happened. It’s probably a combination of his acting skills or lack thereof or the fact that he’s the only guy on the court wearing Kobe Bryant low tops.


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