toneydouglasLast March, Florida State basketball player Toney Douglas became my new favorite athlete when I found out he was a pimp. Not a pimp in the literal sense, mind you, but more the cerebral state of mind.

How did I know Toney Douglas was a pimp, you ask? Simple. Florida State fans would display small, homemade 8.5″x11″ signs that read “IT’S TONEY DOUGLAS TIME.” Awesome.

Douglas was the all-around best player on what was more or less an average Florida State team, and the fans knew it. They embraced him like a God and knew that any time could be Toney Douglas time. What a great effing time.

Anyways, Douglas has moved on from the Sunshine State and was selected by the New York Knicks in the ’09 NBA Draft. He’s averaging just 8.6 PPG on the season, but in his last three games has blown up as the team’s de facto first-string point guard.

With a struggling Chris Duhon (that guy’s still around?) relinquishing minutes to the rookie, Douglas has stepped up in a big way, scoring 16, 21, and 23 points in his last three outings.

Now that he’s playing in the Big Apple, you have to figure that fans will catch on at some point and start bring “IT’S TONEY DOUGLAS TIME” signs to the game. Maybe make a t-shirt out of it. Heck, start an entire TDT clothing line.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just amused by little things such as this, but I think the organic simplicity of “TONEY DOUGLAS TIME” is marketing gold that has yet to be exploited. Absolute genius, printed in black-and-white ink on stock paper.

TDT, baby, TDT. You know what time it is? Toney Douglas Time.


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