Baby Jesus Jarvis Varnado Can’t Save MSU In Loss

jarvis-varnadoRemember Jarvis Varnado?

You know, the guy Jon Brockman wouldn’t be able to handle.

The Mississippi State forward who was unlike anyone any of us out here on the West Coast had ever seen before.

The guy who once flashed gang signs at Venoy Overton.

The second coming of Jesus, Himself, who was the subject of a special Seattle Sportsnet feature back in March.

Well, his team just lost. Again.

In fact, you might say that Varnado’s Mississippi State team is on a losing streak.

The 19th-ranked Bulldogs lost their first game of the year Friday night to unranked Rider. They also lost their last game of last year to the mighty Washington Huskies. That’s two losses in a row. That’s called a losing streak.

Hmm. This is Jarvis Varnado. A man who once made it all the way through Oregon Trail without ever so much as reading the word “dysentery” on the screen of his Macintosh Classic.

And yet somehow he can’t seem to win basketball games…pity.

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