Dawg Pack Dirt: Wright State University

wrightstateDawg Pack Dirt: Wright State

Volume 6, Issue 2, November 13, 2009

Special to Seattle Sportsnet

The season officially gets underway this Friday against the Raiders of Wright State University.

The Dawgs can’t take this weekend’s games against these mid-majors lightly, especially since the three that are visiting Hec Ed this weekend all had decent seasons last year.

If we want the Dawgs to go anywhere this season then we definitely need to keep our game up and keep making Hec Ed the hardest place to play regardless of who is playing here. There isn’t too much dirt on the Raiders so we’ll have to improvise, which isn’t a problem for us.

With that being said, here’s the dirt…

The Game:

-Wright State Raiders at Washington Huskies

-This game is part of the Athletes in Action Classic

-Friday, November 13, 2009 at 7 p.m. PST

-Bank of America Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion

-Belmont and Portland State play at 4:30 p.m. and your ticket will get you into that game as well if you want to do some scouting or advanced heckling.

The Team:

-Wright State is a member of the Horizon League which is home to schools such as Cleveland State, Butler, and the hated Valparaiso.

-Wright State went 20-13 last season and finished 3rd in the Horizon League. They were missing their star player Vaughn Duggins at the beginning of the season, who also happens to be out again which we’ll get to in a bit.

-The Raiders played an exhibition against some team called Central State last week and handled them pretty easily.

-Wright State also goes by WSU which is reason enough to give them crap.

-The Wright State Raiders’ mascot is a wolf or something which I don’t understand. Wikipedia says something about a Viking retiring and turning into a wolf or something like that.

-WSU returns 4 starters from last year so experience isn’t something they lack.

The Players:

-Jr. #3 G Troy Tabler likes to play beer pong and pose erotically behind teammate Vaughn Duggins.

-Fr. #34 F Tyler Koch has a neat last name.

-Sr. #40 F Ronnie Thomas is quoted as saying, “That’s how you survive in this world, bein’ a dick, easy as that.”

-Sr. #32 G Todd Brown does a lot of bragging that his dunks are better than the rest of his teammates…we should probably encourage him to prove it during Friday’s game…

-Jr. #44 G Vaughn Duggins: It is a shame that Vaughn isn’t playing because he’s the one with the most dirt.

He was recently suspended for the team for operating a vehicle under the influence. He’ll be on the bench when the Raiders face the Huskies, but we can taunt him nonetheless and taunt his team through him since he is supposed to be their best player.

Vaughn also likes to dawn a Speedo from time to time, as you can see in this picture. He’s the one on the left in the aqua blue.


3 thoughts on “Dawg Pack Dirt: Wright State University”

  1. They are a decent team. We better not overlook them. Lets not lay an egg like we did last year. Was it Portland St. we lost to last year?

    Do you know if the game is on tv? I doubt it. I can’t wait to see these guys play!

  2. The game is on FSN. Sunday’s game is televised as well, but if you want to watch tomorrow’s game, get thee to Hec Ed!

  3. Nice! Looking forward to seeing them out there. This is a young, but very talented team. It will be interesting seeing this team without Brockman’s beastly-ness. Hopefully MBA got some coordination over the summer and Gant got some muscle. That would help.

    One thing for sure is our back court is much better with the subtraction of Dentmon and addition of Gaddy and emergence of Elston Turner. That’s my guy!

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