Free Passes To 12th Man Appreciate Night!

freestuffHere at Seattle Sportsnet, we like to think of ourselves as almost famous, kind of like the kid from that movie, Almost Famous. People know us, we’re kind of a big deal…almost. That’s us.

Anyways, we’re cool enough to know people who know people and that sort of thing, all of which leads me to these free passes that we’ve received for the 12th Man Appreciation Event this coming Monday. If you’re interested in attending, we can get you in for free for a night of bowling with Seahawks and celebrities at Bellevue’s Lucky Strike Lanes.

Simultaneously, we’re going to use this opportunity to pimp ourselves a little bit in exchange for the free passes we will gladly bestow upon you. So if you want to attend this event at no cost, here’s what you need to do:

1. Comment on this post with a good reason why you’re a worthy member of the 12th Man, then email us with your name and the number of passes you desire (keep it reasonable, folks).

2. Refer 10 readers to the site (I’ll admit, we have no real way of tracking this, but consider it a goodwill gesture on your part). Or maybe just tell people how much you love us. That would be nice.

3. Add us as your friend on Facebook (if you use Facebook) and when you receive the free passes, simply update your status to read, “I won free passes to the Seahawks 12th Man Appreciation Night thanks to! Go Hawks!” Also, you’ll need to add a link in your status bar to our main home page at

That’s it! If you can accomplish all three of these tasks, the passes are yours and you’ll be attending the Seahawks’ 12th Man Appreciation Night absolutely free!

Go Hawks!

15 thoughts on “Free Passes To 12th Man Appreciate Night!”

  1. I am a worthy member to recieve these 12th men passes becaus I am one of the biggest Seattle Sports fans ever. You could ask me anything about seattle sports and I would know it. I feel that you would be giving someone who is just a gigantic sports fan a massive gift if i could get these passes.

  2. I am a worthy member of the 12th man because I watch every game on T.V. I would attend them in person but the tickets cost to much. I am a huge fan and can name all of the Seahawks by their number. I feel I know the team like the back of my hand.

  3. I AM WORTHY……because the first thing I do EVERY morning is click on Seattlesportsnet and read all the sports news that is fit to print. I ALWAYS tell friends, neighbors, and even strangers about Seattlesportsnet. I like sports but I LOVE Seattlesportsnet!!! Is that what you wanted to read Alex?

  4. I am a worthy member of the 12th man because not only am I a huge fan but I get my whole family and neighborhood to come and watch the games at my house. Also When I’m not watching the game I’m out there supporting the Washington Husky foot ball team by Volunteering to be an usher. Also I have bought Seahawks jerseys for the homeless when I’m down at the homeless shelter making food or handing out blankets. And I’m go ing to Post a blog about on my blog. GO HAWKS!!!!

  5. I am worthy of the 12th man because I got love for my hawks through thick or thin. Even last season, when people started hopping off of the bandwagon due to a horrible season I was still there. Also the 12th man = Seattle Sports. Not just for the Seahawks, but the Mariners…and Sounders as well. Hell I still show my support for the Sonics…RIP. I went to the Sonics Gate opening Premiere showing at the Siff theather, and its one hell of documentary and think every sonics fan should see it. People tell me to get over it, but its 41 years of history just banished. I know one day we’ll bring them back, and their comeback will be bigger than griffey coming back. I am worthy of the 12th man because Im seattles biggest sports fan.

  6. A partial list of the attendees at Monday’s event, per Deion Branch:


    More to be posted as they are made known…

  7. I am a worthy member of the 12th man because I have had season tickets to their games for years now! I have so much Seahawks pride it becomes obvious when i’m dressed from head to toe in blue and green colors. I’m not hard to miss. I would absolutely love to cheer for them both on and off the field!

  8. i am worthy of the 12th man because i moved here 2 yrs ago from cincinatti ohio just to be a part of the 12th man . im the biggest seattles sports fan and i have a tattoo to prove it …and not only that , my favorite player came here to play . t.j. and we also got griffey … so i must be some luck !! :)

  9. I am worthy of the tickets because I have attended Hawks games at both the Kingdom and Husky Stadium. I will also post a link to this page on my pro-Hasselbeck facebook group.

  10. I deserve the tickets because I have not missed a game, either on tv or in person, for as long as I can remember. I was out of the country last season, and recorded the last game of the season so I could watch it when I got home. Also, I go to the autograph signing at the pro shop every Tuesday night. I live and breath Seahawks football.

  11. I deserve to go because I’m a die-hard fan and never miss a game. I have viewing parties at my house every Sunday. I’m a huge Seattle sports fan, and have stuck with my teams through the leanest of times.

  12. Just a reminder that if you’ve commented here requesting tickets, but have not yet sent us an email with your name and number of tickets requested, we have no way of hooking you up. So make sure to send us an email with that info ASAP if you want to go!

  13. A list of a few of the items up for auction on Monday, with all proceeds going to charity. Per Deion Branch:


    Jordan Babineaux autographed hat

    Colin Cole autographed hat

    Marcus Trufant autographed football

    Lofa Tatupu autographed football

    Aaron Curry autographed replica jersey

    T.J. Houshmandzadeh autographed mini helmet

    #12 Flag signed by various players

    dwight howard signed jersey

    PAIR of signed cleats from Joba Chamberlain –

    signed baseball by Ryan Howard, Phillies

    signed baseball by Justin Upton

    opportunity to join Branch and Burleson in Studio for their show and be on air with them, includes catered lunch

    priceless opportunity to have seahawk player come to your child’s classroom and suprise his/her class


  14. I am a worthy member of the 12th Man because for the last five years I have lived overseas in England. During that time I have never missed a Hawks game and in February 2006 my dad and I got on a plane and flew 14 hours to Detroit for the Super Bowl because there was simply no alternative. In my high school yearbook, all graduating seniors had a “best known for” where your peers would offer suggestions for what they would most remember you by. In the end, by popular decision, my classmates said that I was best known for, my drawings of the Seahawks logo and never shutting up about them. This year I decided to take a gap year. My parents wanted me to travel and do different, interesting things. I decided to come to Seattle and work as an intern at 950 KJR so I could be closer to the Seahawks and all the other great members of the 12th Man. It has been, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love the Hawks.

  15. I am worthy because i have a die hard seahawks son, who is 9 years old. First thing we do in the morning is check this site to see whats going on with all of the teams. And we turn on the game when ever there is one on. We have not missed a game yet. We have parties for every home game. GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!

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