The Breaking Of Larry Johnson

larryjohnsonEveryone knows that Larry Johnson is having a bad year.

The Kansas City Chiefs starting tailback has put up measley numbers despite ample opportunity in five games this season.

Johnson, who rushed for over 1,700 yards in both 2005 and 2006, has had an up and down career marked by inconsistency and, most notably, a couple scrapes with the law.

Even still, nobody deserves an assessment like this. Even if it is 100% statistical fact.

The assessment comes direct from the pages of Thursday’s USA Today. Printed in a section devoted to team-by-team NFL news briefs, the Chiefs’ featurette is a veritable kick to the groin for LJ, who might very well be quantified as the worst every-down rusher in the league these days.

Unlike most of USA Today’s sports briefs, which often feature a quote or commentary of some sort, this blurb is five snappy sentences depicting abject failure. See for yourself:

“RB Larry Johnson has carried the ball 93 times, tied for sixth in the league. Johnson has 226 rushing yards, which ranks 26th. His 2.4 yards a carry ranks last among 51 backs who have at least 6.25 carries a game. His longest run is 15 yards. He has no touchdowns.”

That’s just sad.

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