Coming Soon To The Emerald Queen Casino, George Lopez!

Nobody gets you. SAP: Nadie te entiende.
Nobody gets you. SAP: Nadie te entiende.

Don’t get your checkbooks out just yet, folks. I’m only speculating on Lopez’s career trajectory. But I think we can all agree that we’re thisclose to welcoming Mexico’s greatest superhero to the EQC doors in the near future.

If you’ve watched any of the MLB playoffs on TBS, you’ve likely been sidelined by an overdose of Lopezitis.

TBS is pimping Lopez’s new late-night talk show as if it were a Tyler Perry spinoff, apparently making an attempt to tap into all the Dominicans and Venezuelans that are watching their family members play on TV. Little do they know that George Lopez is neither Dominican nor Venezuelan.

But even if he were, would it really matter? Who’s going to watch his show, TBS? Answer me that. You’ve got Letterman, Conan, Kimmel, and Lopez, not to mention reruns of Family Guy (Cartoon Network), late local news, Sportscenter, and probably some scrambled porn on the high-numbered channels somewhere. There are more people out there who would rather watch scribbly boobs than witness George Lopez kill comedy.

Come on, TBS. You really think this is going to work? The show debuts in November. Might as well schedule more time for The Office in January.

Just knowing all this in advance leads me to figure that Lopez (no relation to Jose) will ultimately end up back on the casino circuit in T-minus 365 days, if not sooner.

Anyways, get back to your playoff viewing, everyone. Just wanted to share my agony with you, and let you know that you have someone you can trust when it comes to calling the networks on their overblown ad campaigns.

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