If You Like The Flying V, You’ll Like The Husky Hockey Team

huskyicehockeyAdmit it, you have a soft spot for The Mighty Ducks. As a kid in the mid-’90s, you made your parents buy you roller blades, a hockey stick, and a street puck.

You hit the pavement and practiced your Russ Tyler knucklepuck for hours on end, trying and failing to master the float-like-a-butterfly-sting-like-a-bee movement of Kenan Thompson’s CGI-enhanced supermove.

You rounded up all the kids in the neighborhood and practiced the Flying V, achieving more of a saggy “U,” but nonetheless forming a discernable letter in the alphabet.

You even practiced mock fights, grabbing your buddy’s jersey, pulling it over his head, and punching him in the face (softly), a la Kenny Wu.

It was all in good fun, but you lost the hockey bug by the time the decade was over. Outside of a little Xbox NHL here and there, your hockey days were behind you. Until now.

If you’ve lost touch with the recently-relocated Seattle Thunderbirds (aka the Kent Thunderbirds) and haven’t been able to drag yourself through rush hour traffic to witness the Everett Silvertips in action, your saving grace could very well be the University of Washington ice hockey team.

You might not have even known they exist, but the Husky ice hockey team is a longtime staple of the Pac-8 (yes, 8) hockey league. Of the member schools in the Pac-10, only Arizona and Oregon State do not field (Would field be the right word?) ice hockey programs.

The Husky hockey program is a club sport, meaning it is not officially sanctioned by the NCAA, and largely funds itself internally. That also means they don’t compete with NCAA hockey programs, such as those found in the Big Ten and at the end of season “Frozen Four” tournament, for example.

The team plays their home games at the Olympicview Ice Arena in Mountlake Terrace, which for the geographically-impaired is roughly 10-to-15 minutes north of the UW campus. Meaning if you live anywhere between, say, Kent and Everett, you should have no trouble getting to Husky home games in your spare time.

And don’t worry about joining the party too late. The team just kicked off their season this past weekend and, lo and behold, is already 2-0. Who did they sweep? None other than the Washington State Cougars. Gotta love that.

The Huskies play their next game on Friday against Arizona State, and tickets can be purchased at the gate for only $5.

Here at SeattleSportsnet, we’re dedicated to covering the Husky hockey team all season long and hope you’ll follow us as we do.

For more information on the Ice Dawgs, check out HuskyIceHockey.com.

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