Unique Search Terms Used To Find SeattleSportsnet

A list of some of the search terms that have directed internet users to the website in recent days. There are some weird ones. Enjoy.

  • tari free kube
  • maitre gay
  • guys ass
  • is boise state overrated
  • college guy ass

  • seattle nude
  • serial piggy back
  • piggyback on athletes
  • can’t spell without lsu
  • athletes smoke weed
  • oj simpson nordberg
  • alfred aboya boyfriend
  • carlos silva sucks
  • dave softy mueller
  • where is dan devone sportscaster
  • a picture of a taco
  • cycling cameltoe
  • sean salisbury pictures of his penis
  • lame emo kids
  • brian abker+950 kjr
  • sea cow
  • hannah storm naked

And of course about a thousand different variations on “nicole zaloumis.”

For the record, my favorite search term is “alfred aboya boyfriend.”

Or maybe “dave softy mueller.”

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