Add LZ Granderson To The List of “Sportswriters Who Should Be Doing Other Things”

lzgrandersonThis monstrosity is LZ Granderson’s most recent column.

LZ Granderson is ESPN’s resident homosexual columnist, and somehow or another he always finds a way to incorporate his social cause (gay rights) into every single article he writes. I would have to imagine that if you were a gay guy who was into sports, LZ Granderson would only ruin it for you.

My first exposure to Granderson came during the whole, big, giant Tim Hardaway scandal. Hardaway made an inappropriate comment about gay people, and LZ Granderson suddenly had a purpose in life, filing a new story seemingly every minute. It was, to say the least, annoying.

And now, with nobody out there making ill-advised statements about gay people, Granderson is struggling once again to come up with new material.

Attention, LZ: We aren’t hating on you because you’re gay. We’re hating on you because you’re a crappy sportswriter. Now get out there and find a way to tie Tim Tebow, Chad Ochocinco, Erin Andrews, Michael Jordan, and gay rights into one big story. Good luck.

*Side note: Maybe “LZ” is short for “Lazy.”

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