Chopper 950 Flies For Seattle Sportsnet, Husky Nation

The Captain of Chopper 950, Brian Abker

It doesn’t matter who USC starts at QB…USC will win this game by 3 touchdowns…Dawgs are better than last year, but that’s equal to saying Kathy Griffin looks better after plastic surgery.”-Brian Abker, 9/18/09.

I picture this quote flashing ominously across the Jumbotron at Husky Stadium, minutes before the 2009 Apple Cup is set to kick off.

But first, we need some highlights of Husky heroics from days gone by.

Steve Emtman recording a vicious sack, Mario Bailey hauling in a deep touchdown pass, Marques Tuiasosopo running in for a score. All amidst a soundtrack of foreboding music.

Then, the famous Brian Abker quote, against a black backdrop.

Followed by a picture of Kathy Griffin.

Boos come raining down from the rafters. It’s on now.

Some obligatory highlights from Washington’s momentous victory over USC follow. The stadium cheers. Cougar fans sulk. Children scream with glee. Harry the Husky does the worm from end zone to end zone. Dubs mounts a bitch. Tyrone Willingham sheds a tear somewhere. Paul Wulff watches as a cloud that looks like a bunny passes overhead.

EJ Savannah emerges on the big screen: “It’s game time.”

Perhaps I’m giving Abker too much credit. It was a harmless quote that led to a little side wager, ultimately ending up in my favor.

After reading Abker’s words, conceived in passion, I asked him to put his money where his mouth was, so to speak. Being the honorable man that he is, Abker obliged. And thus a bet was born.

Naturally, Abker is an alumnus of Washington State University, and perhaps best known as the sidekick to midday talk show host Ian Furness on 950 KJR AM Seattle.

Recognized as “The Captain,” Abker takes to the airwaves every Friday afternoon to deliver one of the more entertaining pieces of KJR’s broadcast day with his “Chopper 950” segment. A brief assessment of all the topical sports news, combined with a little pop culture, a snarky opinion, and a comedic flair.

Under the terms of our wager, Abker’s incorrect prognostication forced him to devote this week’s Chopper 950 segment to us, Seattle Sportsnet, putting his own spin on promoting both our website and the University of Washington.

So if you’re a Husky fan and want to hear a Cougar fan praise the purple and gold, not to mention our site, make sure you tune into the Ian Furness Show on 950 KJR AM on Friday (today or tomorrow, depending on when you read this) between 1:00 and 3:00 PM for the special announcement. Chopper 950 usually takes flight around 2:50 PM, in case you want specifics.

In case you aren’t totally convinced yet, here are some vital statistics on Brian Abker and Chopper 950:

Who is Brian Abker, really?

Brian Abker is but one man. Born on June 23, 1969, Brian Abker is 40 years of age, and more or less as old as Ken Griffey Jr.

A native of Bellevue, Washington and a 1987 graduate of Bellevue High School (hey, just like this writer!), Abker parlayed his high school diploma into higher education at Washington State University.

After working for ESPN, Fox Sports Radio, CBS Radio, and spending time covering the Mariners, Seahawks, Storm, and Huskies (heh), Abker arrived at KJR in August, 2006 on the update desk.

In his spare time, The Captain is a coach in Bellevue’s Junior Wolverine football program, gives back to the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club, plays golf, and watches loads of television.

Abker also credits Walter Payton as his favorite athlete, and lists Major League as one of his all-time favorite movies, making him A-okay in our book.

What’s the story behind Chopper 950?

Chopper 950 first took flight in December, 2007 on KJR’s Mitch in the Morning Show. Without a traffic reporter for a day, fill-in morning show host Ian Furness instructed young Abker to make stuff up and deliver it in the style of a traffic aficianado. Abker did as told, and from a dire situation was born a legend.

After Abker’s stint on the morning show, the Chopper was redirected to evenings with Elise Woodward and Furness. From there, a regular gig was born, and Chopper 950 was flying on a weekly basis.

When Furness moved to an afternoon slot in 2008, Abker and his trusty Chopper followed suit, and here we are today.

Be sure to tune in at 2:50 PM today. 950 on your AM dial, or listen live anywhere in the world at!

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