Vacation Time

oregon11Loyal Readers,

It’s that time of year again. The time where I must vacate this website temporarily as I embark on a vacation. In this case, it is but a mini-vacation for three days in Oregon. I know what you’re thinking. Whoregon. Ugh.

On behalf of the Oregon Chamber of Commerce, not all of the great state of Oregon is a despicable place to visit. Eugene is, there’s no denying that. But my family vacations on the coast, which is miles and miles away from Duck country and is a wonderful place to stay a couple days.

What this means is that the site won’t be updated as frequently between now and Saturday as it usually is. There will still be a post here and there, and it is absolutely imperative that you check back later in the week to read about the captain of Chopper 950 and my bet-losing adversary Brian Abker.

Abker, as you may know, wagered that the Huskies would lose by 21 or more points to USC on Saturday, while I counter-wagered that they would lose by 20 or fewer points or, quite simply, win. Of course, we all know what ended up happening, and now, being the good man he is, Abker is obligated to trumpet the heroics of the University of Washington, as well as the bet-winning exploits of Seattle Sportsnet, during his Chopper 950 segment on 950 KJR AM this Friday. You can tune in to the Ian Furness Show to hear us get our due, with Abker’s entertaining piece being broadcast around 2:50 PM.

For now, I hope you’ll all continue celebrating this week for the momentous occasion that it is. It’s not often that our once-downtrodden football team knocks off a No. 3 ranked opponent, and we should acknowledge it accordingly. I know I’ll be wearing my purple proudly in Duck and Beaver country for the next few days, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be displaying your Husky colors, either.

Let’s get a win this weekend at Stanford, and in the meantime….GO DAWGS!

2 thoughts on “Vacation Time”

  1. Gawd..Furness’s time is just so boooooring..I don’t mind that he is a coog but just make the show entertaining…I listen to the first 10minutes and if he says nothing interesting (which is most of the time) I just turn it off or turn to 710..

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