The Bet

Idaho Washington FootballAs a show of allegiance to my alma mater, the University of Washington, I have a placed a friendly wager on the outcome of today’s game versus USC.

I was prompted to stand by my team after reading this statement on the Facebook page of Brian Abker, the very same Brian Abker who is both an on-air personality for Seattle’s 950 KJR AM and also a notorious Washington State Cougar:

“It doesn’t matter who USC starts at QB…USC will win this game by 3 touchdowns…Dawgs are better than last year, but that’s equal to saying Kathy Griffen looks better after plastic surgery.”

Naturally, I needed to defend the honor of my school. That, and I figure there’s no way UW loses by 21 or more. Or loses at all, for that matter.

So I challenged Abker to a bet and he graciously agreed. He wagered that UW would lose by 21 or more points. I wagered that UW would lose by 20 or less (essentially covering the spread), or more likely wins outright. The terms of the bet are the following:

If Abker wins: I write a detailed profile of the captain of Chopper 950 (Abker), profess my love for Washington State University, and post my work on these pages as a veritable advertisement for the man, his work, and his school.

When I win: Abker devotes his Chopper 950 segment to me, Seattle Sportsnet, and the mighty University of Washington. An advertisement for the man, his work, and his school.

As an extension of this wager, I’ve also promised another guy that I’d change Seattle Sportsnet’s Facebook profile picture to resemble the Cougar logo for one day, should hell freeze over.

I know the Huskies have my back today. Let’s get it. EXPECT TO WIN!

Go Dawgs!

4 thoughts on “The Bet”

  1. Well lucky you!! WHAT A GAME!!! WHAT A WIN!! Between the Mariners win Friday night and the DAWGS win today…perfection has been achieved……….sigh.

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