Serial Piggy Back Rider Attacks Local Prep Athletes

daleA developmentally disabled man named Sherwin “Dale” Shayegan is attacking Seattle-area high school athletes by jumping on their backs and forcing them to give him piggy back rides. Police need your help to nab this threat to public safety.

Shayegan, who refers to himself as “Dale,” has been frequenting high school sporting events for years, and has only recently been deemed a threat to area teenagers.

Armed with envelopes and $20 bills, Shayegan will often approach prep athletes from behind, then violently attack with unbridled furor, leaping onto the backs of the unsuspecting individuals with malice in his eyes. Often, he will provide money in an envelope to the individual in exchange for their services.

Matt Winter, a 2007 graduate of Bellevue’s Newport High School and former all-league selection in basketball, has been assaulted by Shayegan and offers sage advice to future victims.

“He’s completely harmless, and I’m positive that you could punch him and run off and he wouldn’t catch you,” said Winter.

Standing 6’5″ tall, Winter seemed a likely target for the husky Shayegan, who provided cash incentive to his prey during a basketball tournament in 2006.

Cameron Akita, a former three-sport athlete and All-State baseball player at Bellevue High School, was also targeted by Shayegan.

“He has jumped on my back before,” said the 6’2″ Akita, who did not receive payment for his piggy back ride.

A former high school classmate of Shayegan, who requested anonymity for this story, summed up the nature of the criminal’s behavior: “Sherwin just jumps on people’s backs.”

While some have accused area athletes of running a piggy back prostitution ring, police feel otherwise. Citing Shayegan’s mercurial behavior and oddly creepy appearance, they are asking for your help in tracking down the ever-elusive Piggy Back Bandit.

Though one might find it hard to believe that an overweight retard who jumps on people’s backs and hands out money would be difficult to locate, the suspect remains at large at this time.

13 thoughts on “Serial Piggy Back Rider Attacks Local Prep Athletes”

  1. The perps mother turned him in, reportedly for the reward (which was around $20). As long as everyone keeps their pants on no one will get hurt!

  2. Oh man that’s so messed up, he isn’t completely there in the head, just leave the poor guy alone if u don’t want 20 bucks just don’t him a piggy back ride, honestly he hasn’t hurt anyone or sexually touched anyone. Just let the ppor guy be, I’ve seen him at my church a couple times and he has came to a couple of my games and all the kids were laughing and joking with him. No need to make a big deal about a retarded guy trying to get a piggy back ride, he probably never got one when he was a kid and now his only way of getting one is buy paying people.

  3. It’s hard to understand his thoughts and behavior.. because you are not autistic or mentally challenged. He is not a normal minded person acting strange- he is mentally challenged and has obsessive/compulsive behavior. I worked with this young man several years ago and yes he was a little odd at times and challenging to work with but overall his behavior could be controlled- we had to be firm with him and treat him like a 4 year old sometimes.
    Yes he needs help – but have a little compassion and understanding before you hall off and beat the crap out of someone just because you think he’s weird. He has never in the years I knew him assaulted or sexually attacked anyone.He needs help – from a medical facility- not prison time.

  4. He’s been at several freshman football games down by soundview playfield. The refs sometimes let him hang around as long as he didn’t disrupt the teams or the game. No one really minded him, and just ignored him if he got in their personal bubble.

  5. This happen to my boyfriend on Friday 11/6 at a Movie Theatre in Chandler, AZ. All of us who were there to witness this happen think this is the same guy!

  6. No joke, this happened to me outside a movie theater in Eugene, Oregon also. About a year and a half ago. This guy gets around, apparently. He was such a nice guy though!

  7. other then being extremely annoying this guy is harmless. hes been to a ton of my lacrosse games in bothell and i even ran into him again with my college team in chico california. the only people who are going to call the cops on this guy are overprotetive moms driving their minivans and drinking lattes. theres a ton of people out there like him, and if you dont have the social skills to deal with him then you should probably get some help yourself. theres different solutions then locking this guy up in jail with hardcore murders. just sayin

  8. Holy crap… Just encountered this guy in St. Louis. I knew there was something amiss about him.

  9. seriously! I’ve been attacked by this guy before and he is completely harmless. If anything he got his rides and we, a good laugh but damn. That last sentence was completely unnecessary!. “Overweight Retard” Come on man. EFFF YOU!

  10. Piggyback Bandit you a fucking retard and the reason you hurt people is because you’re not happy with your fucking life and you don’t have one. You are OUTRAGEOUS MISTER WHY DON”T YOU GET A LIFE? You are an outrageous person and if you came here to defend that position of jumping on people for a joke, to me your going to be unsuccessful, because you are a thief. So what I said to you was, you need a life, because you have to get a life so that you can start living your life legitimately, not harass innocent people because you are unhappy with your life! GET FUCKING REAL ALREADY. What I don’t understand is someone who does not realize what can happen to if he causes nasty actions is why would he risk humiliating himself in front of the whole world is something that is totally beyond me. You are a fucking retard and your parents are fucking retards to permit it. So I’m telling you you have to find something else to do with your time constructively, other than produce children who are going to grow up with no moral compass like their father. That’s all.

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