It’s August, Junior Is Batting .220, And We Don’t Care

griffeynewKen Griffey, Jr. is batting .220 and I don’t care.

You shouldn’t care either.

Who really gives a damn what Junior hits? The dude is playing and he’s playing in a Mariners uniform and that’s all that really matters.

Yeah, I guess it’d be nice if he was hitting a little better, but even six months after we brought the guy back, all I care about is that he’s still here.

Whether you’ve been out to Safeco Field twenty times, ten times, or even just once, seeing Junior in an M’s jersey is still a surreal moment.

If you grew up on Junior’s heroics in the Dome, you appreciate the man simply for playing the game in front of you once again.

If you weren’t here the first time around, or were too young to remember the Griffey magic, then seeing him play for the first time is an experience you can remember for years to come.

The fact is, Ken Griffey, Jr. is the iconic figure of an entire generation of baseball. Men have fallen around him due in large part to steroids, and no clean player’s numbers can compare to those of Junior. He’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer and a living legend who, lucky for us, is still playing the game.

You can naysay or attempt to quantify his value, but it’s irrelevant. Ken Griffey, Jr. is our hero and that won’t ever change, .220 average or not. What he means to this city, this state, and the fans can never be put into numbers. Ever.

I love the guy and hope he can channel his inner Merlin once or twice more before the season is up. Just keep doing what you do, Ken. This entire city is behind you.

One thought on “It’s August, Junior Is Batting .220, And We Don’t Care”

  1. I think this is why he chose Seattle. Had he gone to Atlanta, he would have been flayed and skewered batting 220. Here, he can bat as low as he wants, but we’re going to embrace him and pretty much always love him.

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