Derrick Rose Cheated Everybody, But Will Never Pay The Price

derrickroseDerrick Rose doesn’t have to play by the rules.

The former University of Memphis point guard never took the Scholastic Aptitude Test, instead having a friend sweat through the exam under Rose’s name.

The results of the SAT were then sent to the NCAA clearinghouse and the qualifying score resulted in Rose being admitted to Memphis. From there, the talented freshman helped lead the Tigers basketball team to a 38-win season and an appearance in the national title game.

Memphis ended up losing in the championship to Kansas, but now must forfeit (or “vacate,” as the pundits like to say) all 38 of their victories from that fateful 2007-2008 season.

All because Derrick Rose cheated. Knowingly cheated. And did so with zero regard for the consequences his former university now faces.

Rose ended up leaving Memphis after his freshman year. The one-and-done player became the first pick in the 2008 NBA Draft, returning to his hometown of Chicago to play for the Bulls.

He had an outstanding rookie campaign and became a fixture in the community he was raised in.

But amidst all the glory and good times was a cheater and a liar who had betrayed his school, its fans, and the entire spirit of college athletics.

What kind of message are we sending to young athletes when we make an example of the school and not the individual?

How do we expect kids to play by the rules if they witness their peers getting off scot-free while the university pays for one individual’s mistakes?

To be fair, Memphis is not entirely innocent in this whole matter. They provided Rose’s brother with free transportation to watch Rose play, a clear-cut violation of NCAA rules.

Yet even still it is hard to overlook the brazen nature of Rose’s crime.

If you didn’t take the SAT, you would know it.

If you let someone else take the SAT for you, under your name, you would know that, too.

And if you carried out the lie by keeping quiet throughout the whole ordeal, then that makes you 100% guilty in the court of public opinion.

Derrick Rose will continue to earn millions of dollars in the NBA.

He’ll likely earn millions more in endorsements.

He will probably go out into the community and speak with kids about getting an education, being honest, and playing fair in all aspects of life.

And yet deep down inside he will have to come to terms with the fact that he cheated and lied to millions of people. He broke the rules and got away with it, leaving an entire school behind to clean up the mess he left behind.

Derrick Rose cheated. And Memphis paid the price.

6 thoughts on “Derrick Rose Cheated Everybody, But Will Never Pay The Price”

  1. And yet it’s a HUGEEEEE deal that Michael Phelps smoked weed and he lost sponsorships over it and everything.

  2. What about Calipari? The coach would be more likely to know about this than the school! I don’t see how they can decide to punish the whole team and school and let the coach off.

  3. Youre crazy if you dont think Calipari knew about this, let alone potentially making it happen. I find it hard to believe he had no idea this was going to be a firestorm before he bolted for Kentucky. Most of all though, I blame the system. Rose probably would have jumped straight to the NBA out of high school but unfortunately that wasn’t an option. With millions in sight, he has to get into an NCAA school, ANY NCAA school to make that money in a year. Maybe he’s not smart enough to do well on his SAT (A la Brandon Jennings, who had to withdraw from Zona if you remember) and he’s out of millions. But if he finds someone to help him get into college, all is well. The one and done rule is killing NCAA basketball in so many ways.

  4. Bottom line…. Derrick knows what he did, the person who took the test knows what he did. Is there any proof that anyone else associated with the school knows what happened? Now that he has his millions, he should make financial restitution to the school for the stolen tuition, books, et al.

    Derrick Rose, in an effort to keep this clean, you are a lying, stealing, cheat. I will not support any game or item that are associated with. I will consider anyone that offers you an endorsement in the same way.

    You shame the sport and all struggling athletes.

  5. I agree with Goforpurple. Phelps smoking pot, stupid, but most kids are. Rose cheating, that’s despicable. It’s not some dumb mistake, it’s him lying his way to get into college. It’s a deliberate action to cheat. All he would’ve had to do was meet the minimum requirement. I guess he’s too dumb to do that. He doesn’t deserve success. If you’re not naturally smart, try harder, but never cheat. I’ll never root for someone I have no respect for.

  6. Shut up these are somewhat envious comments because a million dollar dude cheated to get to college and you guys didn’t. Who cares when the government , especially colleges fuck us sideways every chance they get. The way I see it he beat the system and if you guys aren’t aware its a dog eat dog world and the system doesn’t favor a poor black kid raised in Chicago dangerous south side with lack of education and very high risk of being victim to gang banging. Therefore prior to what he did he was already cheated in life himself. So y’all need to wake the fuck up cause y’all honoring and respecting all these rules andcodes but behind the scenes nobody cares. I’m happy somebody took the test for him, he’s out the hood, I’d rather him cheat a test than to forgo college and be in Chicago longer where there’s good chance he could get tested by broke thugs. Fuck Memphis, fuck NCAA and fuck the system.

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