OKC Radio Hosts Issue Vicious Attack On Nick Collison, Fail To Remove Stick From Ass

collisonI want to thank loyal reader Rio for sending me this podcast from an Oklahoma City radio station.

Apparently, you can’t speak ill of the worst city in America without incurring the wrath of pseudo-journalists who call themselves radio hosts in Oklahoma.

And if you’re Nick Collison, and you have anything positive to say about Seattle, you better cover your balls because you’re in for a savage attack on your manhood.

These two radio hosts are basically Shooter McGavin to Nick Collison’s Happy Gilmore. No matter who you are, you can’t listen to this and root for Nick, while simultaneously wishing evil against the radio hosts.

It’s pretty much the best conversation ever, and definitely worth your time. Enjoy.

19 thoughts on “OKC Radio Hosts Issue Vicious Attack On Nick Collison, Fail To Remove Stick From Ass”

  1. WOW. What an ignorant a**hole. Basketball in Seattle was a joke? Win a national championship and put together 41 years of history and then we’ll talk….

    Good for Nick Collison. I just might have to tweet him.

  2. Wow…..I mean how insecure and ingnorant can you be. I love the 5k fans comment. The Sonics averaged 13k fans in the last year. What this says to me is that deep down they(OKC) know they stole the team and they are trying to justify it by bad mouthing Seattle.

    Way to play to a stereotype of ignorant country folk, dude.

  3. AHAHA. Love to hate this guy. Freakin’ hilarious. He’s like a horrible mix of Softy and Dickie V.

  4. Don’t know why the announcer is all butt sour about it, he kept on claiming he wasn’t from the midwest either. So why does it matter if he if he doesn’t likes OKC or not? He’s not insulting is hometown. Besides the article was written off his tweets, real good journalism there chica. Not everyone likes where they live, but they live there because that is where there job is. Just because you make a crap ton of money, doesn’t mean you have to like where you live. You tollerate it because you are making a crap ton of money.

    Living in the midwest, east coast and west coast out of all three the midwest was the worst. Summers were horrible, that 105 weather is more like 125 with the heat index. Ohh yea, because it so freakin hot, every night is a thunderstorm which is cool at times, but you are also in Tornado valley, so you get tornado warmings all the time. Talk about a good time! The winters are crappy, it gets so freakin cold there that it can’t snow, but instead they have freezing rain and ice storms. Don’t blame him for not like living there, the only good thing about the midwest is that you can buy homes at reasonable prices. That is about it.

  5. wow, traber is a meathead. The whole argument made no sense. Collison had to be wondering if he was getting punkd.

  6. Collison gets MAJOR props for his clear-headed behavior here. Traber is REALLY awful. Nick sounded absolutely confused the whole time, not believing someone could infer a high level of importance to such meaningless “tweets”/comments. Incidentally, extra class points to Collison for calling in to address the situation, while the other dudes just took shots at him on the radio and didn’t approach him personally. I think the lowest attendance figure all of 07-08 was over 8,000, so Traber’s continued claim of 4 or 5,000 is ridiculous, as is most of what he says. Sports radio guys are, as a species, pretty subterranean, but we are lucky to have a few in the area, Calabro, Salk, even Mitch Levy, who bring a level of intelligence not often associated with the genre.

  7. make no mistake traber is an obnoxious moron, but before you get too critical of oklahoma let it be known that the vast majority of okc ALSO thinks traber is an obnoxious moron. it’s just that some of them listen to the idiot on the radio.
    speaking of traber, here’s trabers greatest “highlight” as a professional ball player http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSrRxHhfHKc is it any wonder why this mental midget can’t make a point without screaming.
    traber was also voted “one of the ten worst baltimore oriole players of all time”

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