Prince Fielder, Nate Robinson, and other things we need to discuss

I don't think you're ready for this jelly.
I don't think you're ready for this jelly.

Prince Fielder’s Weighty Issues

Prince Fielder won the Home Run Derby on Monday, but that’s not what stands out in my mind. The lasting image I have of Cecil’s kid is that of an obese man doing amazing things with a baseball bat. Fielder might be a great hitter now, but unless he can shed some weight, he’s going to run into the same problems his dad ran into later in his career. The scary thing is, Prince looks much bigger than his dad ever did and he’s only 25 years old.

Listed at 5’11”, 268, Prince is overweight by any stretch of the imagination. His dad played until age 34, when chronic knee problems brought on by his heavy stature started to take their toll on his body.

Prince and Cecil are estranged, but if there’s anything the junior Fielder can learn from senior, it’s that he can’t have consistent, lasting success playing at the weight he’s at now. Do yourself a favor, Prince, and call Jenny.

royhalladayMariners Could Use A Doc

Do the Mariners have what it takes to make a run at Roy Halladay? Probably not, but that’s not going to stop us from speculating. One intriguing possibility would be to send Erik Bedard, Jeff Clement, and a handful of other prospects to Toronto in exchange for the Doc, who still has one year remaining on a contract that runs through 2010.

Halladay has veto power over any trade that comes his way, so wherever he ends up, it will be on his terms. That makes it all the more likely that when he finally lands some place, he’ll be more than willing to sign an extension upon arriving.

And while some would argue that Halladay isn’t in any hurry to be moved, this article from Tuesday’s USA Today would suggest otherwise.

So what’s in it for Toronto?

Well for starters, Bedard is a native of Ontario who would be playing close to his family and friends north of the border. On top of that, Toronto is probably the most likely destination for Bedard to ink a longterm deal.

With Clement, the Jays would receive a major league ready catcher-first baseman who could provide pop from the left side in a lineup that could use more. Not that the Blue Jays are bad hitters or anything, but they are in the AL East, and hitting is always coveted.

Of course, this is entirely speculation and wishful thinking, so don’t go around believing something’s on the stove, it’s not. Just a possibility, that’s all.

NBA-ALLSTAR/Nate Rob To Greece?

Greek basketball team Olympiakos has offered former University of Washington standout Nate Robinson a two-year contract, sources report.

Robinson is a restricted free agent who could earn roughly $13 million annually in the U.S. if he was to garner a maximum cap contract (which he likely would not).

The Olympiakos deal is reportedly worth around $10 million, though it’s unclear at this time whether that is a yearly figure, or the total value of the entire contract.

Many NBA fans remember Olympiakos as the team that lured former Atlanta Hawk Josh Childress to Europe one year ago. Childress earned more money playing in Greece than he would have under the salary restrictions of the NBA, and benefited financially from free housing, a hired driver, and a wait staff to handle his affairs.

Robinson has yet to comment on the deal, but it would come as a surprise to many if he were to leave the NBA to play overseas.

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