The Zaloumis Effect

nicolezaloumisGood news, sports fans.

Just noticed that Nicole Zaloumis is providing the studio analysis for FSN’s broadcast of the M’s game today. That means that this website will be bombarded over the course of the next few hours by references to the search term “Nicole Zaloumis.” I like to call this “The Zaloumis Effect.”

Basically, we can quantify The Zaloumis Effect based on how much cleavage Nicole is showing off during the broadcast. Today, lots of cleavage, which in turn equals a large number of site hits. On days when the cleavage is more contained, fewer site hits (though still a fair amount).

The Zaloumis Effect is a funny thing. I’ve come to the realization that there are only a few articles devoted to Ms. Zaloumis on the internet, and that a large majority of them are courtesy Seattle Sportsnet. Hence, when someone Googles “Nicole Zaloumis,” they are often redirected here. Unfortunately for the Googler, we don’t have very many pictures. Sorry.

Anyways, I just wanted to explain to everyone how it works, since it’s been a pretty interesting phenomenon to be a part of. Even if I don’t watch a game on TV, I know when our favorite studio analyst has been on the broadcast based on the number of hits we receive in reference to “Nicole Zaloumis.” It’s pretty awesome. And that’s why we love you, Nicole.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the M’s are playing RIGHT NOW on FSN. It’s a 10:05 AM start time here on the west coast, so get your ass to that couch and start watching. Go M’s!

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