Darko Times For Ex-Knick Richardson

Facial hair doesn't make you a man.
Facial hair doesn't make you a man.

Draft day trades are fun, aren’t they? You tune in to watch your favorite college players advance to the pros, and instead are treated to a smorgasbord of exchanges and acquisitions that happen so quickly you can barely keep up. Before you know it, seemingly half the players in the league are on new ballclubs, and all of a sudden your Shaquille O’Neal Suns jersey is considered a throwback.

We know it’s tough keeping tabs on the flurry of dealings, which is why here at Seattle Sportsnet we want to help you out.

You probably heard about Shaq going off to Cleveland, and maybe even caught wind of Vince Carter’s departure to Orlando. But one trade you may have missed involved New York Knicks swingman Quentin Richardson, the ever-popular “Cash,” and The Worst Draft Pick Ever.

Richardson was unfortunately dealt to Memphis (vying for the title of “worst franchise in the NBA,” no less) in exchange for one Darko Milicic, essentialy making the man they call “Q” the answer to a trivia question.

Milicic, who was drafted second overall by the Detroit Pistons in 2003 (right between LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, if you recall), has been a certifiable bust throughout his six-year NBA career. The only thing worse than being Darko is being the guy dealt for Darko, which Richardson now is. Kind of like being that minor league baseball player who was traded for baseball bats last season.

Not that we have any hate for Darko or anything, but the guy has spent the duration of his time in the pros as more of a punch-line than anything else.

Poor Quentin Richardson. First he gets dumped by Brandy, and now this. Swapped for the equivalent of an armchair, and forced to play in one of the least likable cities in the NBA. Good luck escaping.

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