Brockman Given A Great Opportunity In Sacramento

brockman2The Sacramento Kings are absolutely ugly at the forward position. That’s bad news if you’re a Kings fan, but great news if you happen to follow Jon Brockman. Naturally, you know which side of the fence we sit on.

The 2009-2010 Kings will feature a group of forwards that breaks down as follows:

Jason Thompson, 6-11, 250 lbs, 2nd year

Donte Green, 6-11, 226 lbs, 2nd year

Kenny Thomas, 6-7, 245 lbs, 10th year

Andres Nocioni, 6-7, 225 lbs, 5th year

Also in the mix are restricted free agent Ike Diogu (6-9, 250, 4th year), as well as unrestricted free agent Cedric Simmons (6-9, 235, 3rd year). As free agents, Diogu and Simmons may or may not return to Sacramento in the coming season.

For Brockman — drafted 38th overall by Portland, then traded to Sacramento — the opportunity to not only make the team, but also crack the rotation is an absolute blessing. Second round selections are not guaranteed a contract or a roster spot, meaning Brockman will have to outwork the competition to prove his worth to the franchise.

The odds, however, appear in his favor against the likes of the players he’ll be competing for playing time with.

The only guarantee for Sacramento at the power forward spot is Jason Thompson, a first-round pick from a year ago who became a starter in his rookie season. Thompson won’t be unseated from his throne as the first-string guy, but the role of second-stringer is wide open.

Greene and Thomas combined for fewer than 5.0 PPG during the ’08-’09 campaign, while Diogu was the leading scorer amongst the backup 4’s. The former Arizona State product only mustered 4.1 PPG, however.

Rebounding was also an area where the Kings were lacking production from their power forwards. Again, it was Diogu who paved the way for the backups, hauling in nearly 2.0 boards per game.

Those figures alone should provide an ample window for the hardworking Brockman to crawl through.

Reunited with his former college teammate Spencer Hawes (now entering his third season) and playing close to home on the West Coast, Brockman should have all the motivation in the world to make a splash in Sacramento.

Not that he needs the extra motivation or anything. Best of luck to Jon in the future. Go Dawgs!

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