Punchless M’s Need To Start Exploring Trade Options

Mariners Rockies BaseballA three-game sweep at the hands of the Colorado Rockies, and all of a sudden the Mariners — who had a 30-30 record when they landed in Denver — are now three games under .500 and suddenly looking like a losing ballclub once again.

First, there was a three-game set in Baltimore, where the M’s took two out of three from the Orioles. All well and good, until you take into account the fact that the Mariners only scored 11 total runs in those three games, in a stadium (Camden Yards) that is generally thought of as a hitter-friendly park.

The offense only got worse in Colorado, where pop-ups are known to turn into home runs at a startling rate. In the three games against the Rockies, the Mariners scored a total of eight runs, including just one in yesterday’s loss. One could attribute part of the power shortage to the lack of a DH in the National League park, but at this point that’s more an excuse than anything else.

The fact is, if the offense ever had an opportunity to get going, this was it. Back-to-back series’ in hitters’ parks, and the Mariners mustered an average of 3.17 runs per game. Not exactly big power numbers.

What that lack of hitting means is that the M’s continue to win with smoke and mirrors, which, in essence, amounts to pitching and pitching alone. The defense isn’t nearly as good as advertised, and over two months into the season the offense has failed to come around.

Which means that even if this team can stay relevant until football season starts, they shouldn’t really be thought of as a legitimate playoff contender. Not with this lack of hitting, at least.

All things considered, the M’s need to start building towards the future as soon as possible. Don’t completely write off the season just yet, but don’t be afraid to unload the tradeable commodities currently on the roster, either. If the right deal comes along for Erik Bedard, Jarrod Washburn, or Adrian Beltre, it’s probably time to pull the trigger.

Let’s face it. This team, as currently constructed, won’t be winning the World Series anytime soon. Without a shot at a championship this year, the organization needs to do everything it can to ensure title contention in the future. It’s time.

3 thoughts on “Punchless M’s Need To Start Exploring Trade Options”

  1. The M’s need to unload Bedard and Washburn while the gettin’s good. These guys finally have value. We need to make up for the horrific Adam Jones trade (and a host of other asinine transactions that Bavasi oversaw which has put us behind the 8-ball.)

  2. “The right deal” for Bedard or Washburn is so debatable. What would be the right deal for one person may not be for the other. Fantasy baseball and baseball reality are two different worlds. The only one doing and should be doing the dealing is the General Manager, Mr. Z. Either you trust him or you don’t. I trust him in that he made some very good picks in the MLB draft and some good trades prior to the season that netted the Ms a lot of talent (some it still in the minor leagues). He is a big improvement over Bavasi.

  3. while joe is right for sure, its temping to roll the dice (not the bavasi right mind you!) i mean when you think about it, this division isnt the most consistant. if we were to break the bank for 2 good really good hitters we could make a huge push his year. if bedard is healthy i think hernandez-bedard-washburn would be the best playoff rotation out there.

    but the way mr. z has done things so far patience looks like the best medicine. i really like wok. and what he is doing. hes able to maximize a roster that may not be up to par. so i can just image when all these Z prospects come up to see what he does then..

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