Brandon Morrow Era Begins Anew Today

brandonmorrowGood news, M’s fans.

Your starting pitcher for tonight’s game against Colorado will be…Brandon Morrow?

Yep, forget about getting his feet wet at Triple-A. In place of the injured Erik Bedard, Morrow will be receiving his on-the-job training beginning today, at one of the worst pitcher’s parks in baseball. Good luck with that.

Let’s hope for five solid innings and a flash of potential. You may recall Morrow’s first start last September, when he nearly no-hit the Yankees at Safeco Field.

The game starts at 5:10 PM PDT this evening, and can be seen on Fox Sports Northwest.

2 thoughts on “Brandon Morrow Era Begins Anew Today”

  1. Home run pitcher in a home run park against a home run team. Yikes. Hopefully it works out. Regardless, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

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