Tim Floyd Attempts To Salvage Reputation By Quitting

timfloydWhen the going gets tough, Tim Floyd gets going.

Going out of town, that is.

The USC men’s basketball coach submitted a letter of resignation yesterday, and now appears to be headed for a spider hole in Iraq, or perhaps a beach in Mexico somewhere.

Under investigation for violating NCAA rules, the USC basketball program appeared on the verge of serious penalty prior to Floyd’s self-termination.

The speculation surrounding the Trojans will likely only increase with Floyd’s departure.

Back in April, Floyd was offered a chance to coach the University of Arizona men’s basketball team, a veritable step up from his gig at USC. Oddly, he turned down that offer and opted to remain in Southern California.

At the time, I wrote a column questioning Floyd’s motives for staying put, wagering that part of his decision had to be based on the fact that USC was the only school in America where he could get away with acts of violation.

Two months later, it appears that may very well have been true, only further justified by Floyd’s abrupt departure.

Now that the captain has jumped off the sinking ship that he destroyed, we may never uncover the full truth as to the goings-on at USC.

No matter, however.

When it comes to the truth about Tim Floyd, actions speak louder than words.

One thought on “Tim Floyd Attempts To Salvage Reputation By Quitting”

  1. Tim Floyd was only doing what the higher ups allowed him to do. The investigation shouldn’t stop just because he is no longer the USC coach. USC’s athletic director and ultimately the USC President are really the responsible ones, they allowed Floyd to run amok and they should be held liable. Too bad for whomever follows Floyd, we know what sanctions can do to a program.

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