6 thoughts on “Adidas Takes Brand Wars To New, Uncalled-For Level At Track Meet”

  1. For the record, I’m well aware that Adidas and Reebok merged a few years ago. I’ve actually worked in the business, so it’s not something I was naive to. Even still, most people don’t know that and still view Adidas and Reebok as competing entities in the business.

    And please, try and calm down. It’s a joke, and a very small one. If you can’t handle that, I suggest you turn the computer off and lock yourself in a room somewhere.

  2. Fair enough. So who is the idiot, those people who do not know that Adidas owns Reebok? Or you, for knowing better and still posting this tiny, yet stupid joke?

  3. I wouldn’t be so harsh to dismiss the people who don’t know as much as you and I. It’s this type of arrogance which prevents us from passing along knowledge.

  4. Hey Alex! Thanks for the info (YES! Earth shattering!!!) Adidas owns Reebok, my day, nay week is complete!

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