BB OK, and thoughts on Ronny Cedeno

Cedeno is batting .155/.222/.310...25 more points and he'll be hitting his weight
Cedeno is batting .155/.222/.310...25 more points and he'll be hitting his weight

Saw a sign at the M’s game tonight that simply read “BB OK.”

I want to give a huge shoutout to the creator of the sign, because you’re absolutely right, and on behalf of Seattle sports fans I would like to petition the Mariners organization to make this the team motto for the remainder of the year.

Guys like Ichiro and Yuni, especially, need to know that walks are a-okay, and what better way to instill the message than with a very simple slogan like BB OK?

It works, so let’s all get on the BB OK bandwagon starting right now.

On one side note, I’d just like to add that I refuse to hop aboard the Ronny Cedeno bandwagon until Cedeno starts hitting.

I get that many of you are pissed over Yuniesky Betancourt’s inability to take a pitch, and his occasional lackadaisical effort in the field, but come on. Betancourt’s bat at least commands a little respect. Pitchers know that if they leave a pitch anywhere near the strike zone, Yuni’s going to hit it. They have to fear what he’s capable of doing.

With Cedeno, it’s the exact opposite. Nothing about the guy scares pitchers. It’s gotten to the point where he shows bunt in nearly half his at-bats, even in situations where a bunt is unlikely. I don’t care what level of ball you play at. A guy who shows bunt 50% of the time has the intimidation factor of a girl scout. Until Cedeno shows me he can do more than what Willie Bloomquist did (and let’s face it, Willie was better than this guy, at least as things stand right now), I’m all in favor of playing Betancourt at least 75% of the time, and you should be too.

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