ESPN Goes Balls Deep With Tim Tebow During Softball Game

What time is it? Tool Time!
What time is it? Tool Time!

How do you ruin an otherwise-great sporting event? Have a phone conversation with Tim Tebow, of course.

Demonstrating an incessant desire to get in the sack with the Gators QB, ESPN had their softball announcers conduct a phone interview with Tebow in the third inning of the Washington-Florida Women’s College World Series championship game.

Tebow, proving once again that he’s still the most unlikable likable guy in America, iterated and reiterated the fact that Florida’s softball players “love each other.” Not unlike the way Tim Tebow loves the cock.

The worst part about all this, of course, is that Washington’s own football playing wunderkind sits mere feet away from that very broadcast booth and has yet to be acknowledged throughout this entire World Series. That’s right, in case you haven’t noticed, Jake Locker is in Oklahoma City cheering on the Husky softball team as we speak. How’s that for dedication?

Way to drop the ball ESPN. First you put John Kruk in the broadcast booth where he sits helplessly pondering why there’s 10 players on the field, then you go all high and mighty on us by propogandizing America with Gator Blue Tebow Kool-Aid. This absolute show of disgrace ranks right up there with the firing of Harold Reynolds for spreading hugs and goodwill around the workplace.

11 thoughts on “ESPN Goes Balls Deep With Tim Tebow During Softball Game”

  1. Updated: ESPN 2, apparently having read this column, just referenced Jake Locker for the first time since he got called for the phantom unsportsmanlike call against BYU last September. Thanks, ESPN!

  2. And yet he [Jake Locker] will not be off for the sausage fest of IRAs… how dare he.

  3. WOW instead of being appreciative of great role model athletes, people must always feel a need to tear them down. I understand the rivalry in sports but not hatred devlievered to players such as Tim Tebow. Instead of being against Tebow for showing support of their team or school, people focus on what didn’t happen and turn it into a negative. Way to go Alex!

  4. I will have to give credit to the Huskies though. I watched most of that game last night, and most of the WS as well, and they thoroughly outplayed what I had considered (up until now) a better all-around Gator team.

  5. Yeah, Tebow “ruined” it, he is the most “unlikable guy,” and he “loves the cock.” The classless, pointless, and ridiculous nature of it suggests these ill-founded things are more the case with you. You “ruined” your article, and come across as an “unlikable guy” who has penis and sodomy on his mind.

    I’ve read some of your other stuff, you can do better than that. You can put Seattle in the name, but you hardly represent it or the Huskies.

  6. Wow. Someone took time off from Bush/Cheney/Rush/God bashing to take a shot at Tebow. He’s really big time now. Aren’t you worried the daily Kos might catch you posting on another site?

    While we’re discussing the ESPN coverage and the west coast cheerleaders doing the softball games, I’d like to point at that they spent 8 hours whining about whether or not the Ga pitcher’s toe was landing on or off the chalk line out there and never noticed the other team’s pitcher getting a dozen or so strike calls on the chalk a foot off the plate. Never seen a pitcher get that on both sides of the plate. The catcher did a great job diving out there to catch that last strike Sunday night vs Ga. Another punch out. It’s pretty bad when you can’t show the replay of the final pitch because the ball was a foot off the plate shin high. Didn’t hear any complaints from the booth about that “legal pitch”.

    At least Kruk had the balls to point out that he “couldn’t have reached that with a broom stick” on one of the crucial Ks called on Fla Tues night. Funny thing is that pitch was close compared to some she got called over the weekend.

    The Washington kid was clearly the best player in the tournament and they deserved to win. Just pointing out how childish and biased the announcers were with the constant explanations about how the Ga kid was getting an advantage if her toe landed an inch out of the chalk, and not a word about the ridiculous strike calls going the other way.

  7. Humor? Not in my America. This is Toby Keith country, son, tread softly.

    And for the record, west coast bias doesn’t exist, everyone knows that.

  8. I think it would be more appropriate to point out that Tim Tebow is dedicated to his own team and his own sport which is why he couldn’t be at the game to cheer for the softball team. Or, he could have taken the approach of the washington QB and spent a few days in Oklahoma. As a Gator fan of all sports I give props to the Washington girls, or at least to Lawrie who played two near perfect games. But I am glad our QB stayed in town to work on his own team, and when you look at the season record in football of Washington compared to Florida…well, that’s where who can compare who’s QB is more dedicated.

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