What If Michael Vick Was White?

vickWhat would the world think of Michael Vick if the former NFL quarterback was white?

Would we be as quick to blame him for his past mistakes, including most notoriously the dog fighting ring he was found guilty of operating?

Would we have labeled him a sociopath, as 710 ESPN afternoon host Kevin Calabro has done?

Would we be decrying his freedom, and challenging his opportunity to return to a life that might possibly include a future, once again, in the NFL?

If Michael Vick was white, would we be more forgiving?

If Michael Vick was white, would we withhold the name-calling, the labeling, and the character insults?

If Michael Vick was white, would we allow him the freedom he has earned, credit him for admitting guilt and serving his court-appointed prison sentence, and let him back into society?

We may not want to admit that skin color has anything to do with this issue, but it does. It may not influence you, or the person sitting next to you, or the person sitting next to them.

But it does influence a multitude of people around this nation, who only wish to bring down Michael Vick because of one simple fact: He is black.

What if this was a white quarterback, at the top of his game, who experienced a similar downfall due to the same circumstances as Vick?

What if this was Brett Favre, a guy who endured a similar career trajectory as Vick, who was found guilty of the same transgressions?

Would we punish Favre in the same way? Would we clamor for a greater penalty? Would we denounce Favre’s freedom, and demand an extension of justice? Would we place Favre in societal purgatory?

I wager that if Michael Vick was a white man, this situation would have gone much differently than it has.

You see, we can chastise Michael Vick for his actions.

We can despise Vick for the villainous deeds he has done.

But whether the man is black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, or any other color on the spectrum, we must treat him justly and equally.

Michael Vick has come forward and admitted his wrongdoings. Society needs to do the same.

5 thoughts on “What If Michael Vick Was White?”

  1. Best article I’ve seen on this site. After the worst Mariners free agent signings

  2. I blame PETA for Mike’s over exposed troubles not racist rednecks or overconservative radio host. If not for PETA, the entire city of Atlanta would not have batted an eye over this. Mike is still a rockstar in the ATL. I also blame the national media for overblowing this and falling for this “trick”.

  3. It is amazing in this country you can beat up, rape and even murder people and not get as castrated as Vick. Suspension for life means nothing in sports and I hardly believe it is because Vick is black. Think about the black basketball, football, boxing etc. “heroes” who have come under media exposure for breaking the law, the public forgets and forgives. But Vick and his dog fighting?? I don’t get it. Maybe PETA should run our justice system at least they manage to effectively promote their agenda. Don’t mess with animals and don’t mess with PETA.

  4. PETA made an example of him because he was FAMOUS not because he was black. Ignoring outside of ATL PR implications, it is in the Falcons and city of Atlanta’s best interest and from a business perspective to have a black QB or a black superstar considering half the Atlanta population IS BLACK.

    I love animals and I love my dog but PETA is a bunch of attention seeking whores who in reality didn’t stop anything.I think its funny that Browns WR Donte Stallworth kills a person with his Bentley and nobody bats an eye lash but from some strange reason Mike Vick still owes society something after already serving time in prison. NO, he doesn’t. The man went to prison and served his time. Get off his ass.

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