According to Billy Gillespie, sucking at your job is NOT cause for termination

p1_gillispieFormer University of Kentucky men’s basketball coach Billy Gillespie is suing his one-time employer for being fired without cause.


Gillespie, who led the Wildcats to a subpar 40-27 record during his two-year stint in Lexington, is seeking at least $6 million in damages.

(Raucous laughter boiling over into hysterics)

The 24-page lawsuit filed by Gillespie’s attorneys portrays the ex-coach as an up-and-comer who was victimized by the university’s “false representations” towards honoring the contract offered to the 49-year-old.

(Tears now, tears)

The lawsuit goes on to accuse the university of fraud, and detail the “make-believe world” that Gillespie’s former bosses live in.

(Can’t breathe, suffocated by laughter, drowning in tears)

Does Billy Gillespie really need to do this to himself? No court in America will uphold his lawsuit. Hell, no court in Siberia would uphold this garbage.

If we all performed as miserably at our jobs as Gillespie, and treated our coworkers poorly on top of that, we’d be lucky to get another gig working elsewhere ever again.

Billy Gillespie is an idiot. Let’s leave it at that.

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