Ryan Leaf going from punch line to social deviant

ryanleafRyan Leaf was indicted on a number of felony charges today, just  proving that life as the ex-quarterbacks coach of West Texas A&M University isn’t as glamorous as we all thought it might be.

To sum it up in the most basic of senses (without all the legal bull), Leaf is in trouble for obtaining prescription drugs without a prescription, for dealing prescription drugs, and for breaking into an apartment to steal prescription drugs. The burglary charge is the one that hurts Leaf the most. Early speculation is that he could be facing three-to-five years in federal prison if convicted of all charges, with the burglary charge carrying the heftiest sentence.

According to the Texas-based reporter who first broke this story, Leaf often met with recently injured players from the West Texas A&M football program and offered to buy the unused portions of painkillers they had been prescribed by doctors. Some players agreed to sell Leaf their drugs, while others did not.

One player who did not was the man who was renting the apartment that Leaf tried to break into. According to reports, Leaf had previously met with that player on two occasions, offering money for the prescription drugs. The player turned his coach down twice, before having his personal belongings victimized by the former Washington State quarterback.

Leaf is currently in a rehabilitation facility in British Columbia, Canada and has been given the opportunity to return to the U.S. to face charges on his own accord. If he does not return in a timely fashion, he will be extradited and forced to stand trial.

Remember when Ryan Leaf used to be all fun and games? Full of life and a walking punch line? Now he’s just bringing us all down. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Ryan Leaf going from punch line to social deviant”

  1. It is my understanding that Mr. Leaf and Mr. Simpson will be roommates in the forseeable future.

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