Is it too early to label Brandon Morrow a bust?

73394763OG021_Rangrs_MarnrsOn Monday we detailed Brandon Morrow’s recent struggles, which have only been magnified in recent days. In case you missed it, the Mariners lost an afternoon game with the Texas Rangers earlier today when Morrow entered in the ninth and promptly gave up three runs to blow a 2-0 lead. Last night, the team endured a similar result when Morrow gave up two runs in the eleventh inning to cost the team a 5-4 lead.

Back-to-back blown saves have fans wondering what’s wrong with their closer and what can be done to fix it.

It’s entirely possible that Morrow is still being nagged by a sore right arm that has plagued him in the past. That’s arguably the most likely of circumstances, as evidenced by his tendency to leave his pitches unfinished, resulting in fastballs left up in the zone.

On top of that, Morrow has completely lost trust in his breaking pitches, meaning that even when he cranks his heater up into the high-90s, hitters are sitting on the fastball and know exactly what’s coming.

With all due respect to the coaching staff and the M’s front office, the best options at this point would be to either place Morrow back on the disabled list and let him get completely healthy, or send him to the minors to work on his command. At this point, he doesn’t appear capable of helping the bullpen even in a reduced role, and it would be better to give his spot away to a pitcher who can throw strikes.

Like we mentioned in Monday’s article, if Morrow can’t close and can’t start, then what does he become? Six months ago we were all so optimistic as to what this guy could do, and now just a short time later that perspective has been flipped upside down.

3 thoughts on “Is it too early to label Brandon Morrow a bust?”

  1. Don’t think this kid is a closer at all, remember he almost give up the Minnesota game. They probably should put him in as the set up guy and bring Aardsma in as the closer. This all falls on Bavasi, he gave up both Sherrill and Adam Jones for Berdard. Berdard has been been decent, but was he really worth 5 players? Also, he was in a contract year, if he didn’t get hurt than the M’s would have gotten a player for one year. Again, Bavasi is the biggest dumbass in baseball. Now look at the trade, Adam is finally coming into his own in his really 2nd full year in the bigs and Sherrill, well he’s an All Star. Because of that, the M’s had to go out and get a left and center fielder. Which means they had to give up something to get Chavez and Guiterrez and that player was Putz.

    We will feel the Bavasi fall out for a years to come. Just like the dawgs and Cougs in football, they will feel the fallout from Willingham and Doba for another few years before it gets better.

  2. Not sure what any of that rambling had to do with Morrow, ACF. Also, it’s BEDARD. Man, I hate cougars.

    Anyways, it’s a bit premature to call Morrow a bust. It hurts that he has had bad outings of late, but he is still getting used to this role. I wouldn’t object to sending him to Tacoma for a few weeks to get his mind right. However, it hurts big time that we could have had Lincecum in an M’s jersey right now.

  3. I agree they cannot let him pitch any more. It was obvious both Branyon and Davis were sitting on Morrow’s fastball until he threw a bad one.

    However I don’t know if it’s really a sore shoulder. His velocity doesn’t seem to be affected very much as far as I can tell. (I admit I haven’t been paying too much attention, though.) It seems to be more of an issue of not being able to vary pitch location, speed and type and force guys to swing at pitches they don’t want/expect. A trip for Morrow to the minors is probably in everyone’s best interest.

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