Dave Libbey retires as icicle forms in hell

libbey2That old rapscallion Dave Libbey is finally hanging up the stripes, off to greener pastures as the new Coordinator of Basketball Officials for the West Coast Conference.

Libbey, a former college basketball referee based on the west coast, has been the source of much controversy on our website, spawning two heavily debated articles that can be found here and here.

Now that he will no longer plague our beloved Huskies — or any other team in the Pac 10, for that matter — our beef with officials around the world has come to an end. The folks at Officiating.com can rest easy now. This battle is over.

One thought on “Dave Libbey retires as icicle forms in hell”

  1. Dave Libbey was my high school coach for P.E. this guy if tuff, all is life is about basketball, and he’s good at it. F-U guys that don’t like Libbey, your just big pussies because your collage basketball team couldn’t win, and you guys came blaming a reffere

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