If Mark Cuban ends up with the fishes, we’ll know who to blame…and we’ll give him a free pass

You really wanna mess with this guy?
You really wanna mess with this guy?

Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban reportedly had words with the mother of Denver Nuggets’ forward Kenyon Martin last Saturday, and Martin is understandably upset.

Vowing to “take care” of the incident, Martin went on to proclaim himself a man who prefers face-to-face interaction, rather than the media blab that Cuban is more fond of. Uh oh, Cuban, best be watching your back.

The details surrounding the altercation between Cuban and Martin’s mom, Lydia Moore, are slightly muddled.

Some reports state that Moore, who was wearing a Nuggets jersey amidst the crowd of Mavericks fans, was in tears at the end of the game following harassment from the surrounding attendees. Those reports claim that Cuban added fuel to an already burning fire by directing further verbal abuse towards Moore.

Regardless of the pre-existing events, Cuban’s words were more or less regarding Martin, and not Moore directly. One report alleges that after a fan called the Nuggets players “thugs,” Cuban looked at Moore and stated, “That includes your son.” Another report from the Denver Post had Cuban simply stating, “Your son is a punk.”

No matter what Cuban said, the fact of the matter is you just don’t go around picking on guys’ moms. Especially guys who are listed at 6’9″, 240.

I’ve always been a fan of Cuban, but these actions cross the line. Add into the mix the fact that Mother’s Day was Sunday, and you have an absolute recipe for disaster.

I’m sure growing up behind a Macintosh Classic didn’t teach Cuban much about athletic social interaction, but as any kid who ever played sports can tell you, you’re bound to get your butt kicked if you start talking trash about someone’s mom.

When you take that to the next level and talk trash at someone’s mom, you better be packing one of two things: boxing gloves, or running shoes. Fight or flight, son.

So if Kenyon Martin ends up beating the living piss out of Mark Cuban, we flat-out can’t blame the guy. Cuban needs to know that what he did was wrong, and I sure hope that Martin can help him understand when he “takes care” of the situation.

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