21 thoughts on “Aaron Brooks looks like a gay maitre d’”

  1. Still holding a grudge against Aaron Brooks? That guy is one of the most fun players in the world to watch. Ridiculous quickness and handles. AND he’s from right here in Seattle. Love the guy.

  2. Oh I know what he did. He apologized to Appleby, wrote a letter of apology to UW apologized to Oregon fans AND it was like 5 years ago in the heat of an intense basketball game. A thig and an asshole? Give me a break.

  3. You can forgive someone, but it doesn’t mean you have to like them.

    A lot of Husky fans don’t like Aaron Brooks because of what he did to Appleby, and more simply because he attended Oregon. He might be from Seattle, but it just doesn’t feel like he’s a part of the community whatsoever.

  4. So, because he apologized I should like him now? Let’s face it, he’s a mediocre point guard at best. I’ll root for the Rockets against the Lakers, but I do not like him at all.

  5. Also, on another note, I just want to add that had anyone — and I mean, anyone — else sported this same suit, I wouldn’t hesitate to label them a gay maitre d’ or the son of Kool-Aid Man, either.

    This isn’t just about Aaron Brooks. If Brandon Roy appeared at a postgame press conference looking this ridiculous, I’d be just as impartial as I’m being now and give him a little ribbing, as well.

    However, I think we all know that a guy like Brandon Roy would never do something to blatantly embarrass himself the way Brooks has.

  6. I never said you have to like him, but Husky fans need to stop talking about the Appleby incident (and I absolutely love Appleby). He was a 19 year old kid and he made a mistake. He realized it immediately and handled the aftermath with class. And calling him a thug and an asshole? That’s taking it too far.

  7. Oh and this is why he wore it. From the post-game press conference:

    “I got kind of tricked a little bit,” Brooks told Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle. “We all have these red jackets. One of the players (Chuck Hayes) wrote on the board it was mandatory to wear them. I figured if I had to wear a jacket like this, I was going to go all out and make it look real ridiculous.”

  8. Question: You are out with a group of friends. You go up to the bar with a buddy and order a drink. Another guy at the bar ordering a drink thinks that your friend is too close to him and elbows him in the face. His nose is bleeding and he falls to the floor. The guy walks away but gives him a call in the morning to say he’s sorry (after his dad/friend/coach/etc. tells him to). Would you think that the guy that assaulted your friend is a cool dude? Would you think that he handled it with class?

  9. Ravennahusky….Brooks, It’s okay, if I was related I would be supporting him too! That’s what family does. And remember calling names is immature.

  10. The fact that Brooks is from Seattle, but chose to play ball at Oregon is enough for me to not like him. Intentionally elbowing Apples in the face, during a game, and following it up with a weak apology, just adds fuel to the fire.

  11. Jason, are you from Seattle? As a person who grew up watching AB ball at Franklin, I’ve always loved him.

    Don’t tell me I’m not a Husky because I like Brooks. I don’t miss a second of their games. I streamed the WWU preseason game on the internet. Appleby’s one of my favorite Husky’s ever. I have context for this situation. I also love when kids from Seattle do well and make it to the NBA. So we can just leave it at that and you guys can hate him for Oregon or Appleby, I’m just saying it sounds bitter.

  12. I am from Seattle and have season tickets to every sport. If you grew up watching Brooks at Franklin, then I can see how you have an affinity for him. No hard feelings.

    Washington > oregon.

  13. Agreed, with what Jason said. If you had a pre-existing relationship or bond of some sort with Aaron Brooks, then I could fully understand supporting him regardless of his collegiate affiliation or past transgressions.

    However, if he’s just another guy to you (like he is to me and Jason), then all the opinions you’ve formed on him are based on his actions alone. One action is that he left Seattle to attend Oregon. Another is that he elbowed Ryan Appleby in the face.

    Whether those actions influenced your opinion of Brooks or not is completely dependent on how you view those actions themselves.

    I, for one, don’t like Oregon, so that resonates negatively with me. I also don’t like it when opponents elbow my school’s players in the face, especially opponents from my school’s arch-rival. So that also resonates negatively with me.

    Besides mumbling an apology (figuratively speaking) for issuing the elbow, Brooks hasn’t performed many noticeable positive actions to garner the respect of local fans (besides those who have a pre-existing with Brooks, as previously alluded to).

    A good example of an ex-high schooler performing good in the community despite never playing ball here past his prep days would be Jamal Crawford. Crawford and Brooks are similar in that they played high school ball here, but never played at the collegiate or pro level locally. Unlike Brooks, however, Crawford has made it his mission to come home on an annual basis and do good in the community, through donations and charitable events that better the surrounding area. His off-season home is still here, as well.

    Brooks may not yet be as established in the league as Crawford, but he could take a cue from him in learning how to make good in your hometown. If Aaron can do that, then he has a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the local fans.

  14. Ok, that’s fair. Aaron is only a second year player and not paid like Jamal so maybe he will be a factor locally some day. I know he has tons of family here.

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