Carlos Silva should donate large chunk of salary to charity

carlos-silva1Carlos Silva is making $12,000,000 this year, which is roughly 240 times the national average salary.

Of course, that’s figuring the average annual salary in America is $50,000, which it probably isn’t. It’s probably closer to $40,000, but we’ll use $50K as the benchmark to give Carlos the benefit of the doubt.

Silva is currently one of the worst starting pitchers in the major leagues. He has a 1-2 record with an ERA over 7.00, and is currently getting his butt whipped by a light-hitting Kansas City Royals squad.

All this comes on the heels of a 2008 season in which the burly right-hander posted a 4-15 win-loss record, with a 6.46 ERA.

Perhaps the worst part of all this is that Silva is only in the second year of a four-year, $48 million contract that former Mariners general manager Bill Bavasi unwisely signed him to.

What I want is for Carlos to make the situation right by donating a large chunk of that hefty salary to charity. Because let’s face it, he hasn’t earned one penny of that $12 million. I’d say at least $2 million in donations would be the minimum, but more money would certainly be justified.

There are a lot of hardworking individuals struggling with the economy the way it is, and while Carlos is entitled to his yearly earnings, he shouldn’t feel comfortable making as much money as he is with the piss-poor performance he’s turned in so far.

Undoubtedly, Silva will be destined for the bullpen at some point, probably for the remainder of the season, and that’s all well and good.

But I’m clamoring for him to do what’s right with the dollars and cents he’ll be unjustly raking in. You can still salvage your reputation, Carlos. We can all make a difference.

4 thoughts on “Carlos Silva should donate large chunk of salary to charity”

  1. Doesn’t Carlos have a pay for performance clause in his contract. At $12 million he should and I don’t mean bonuses I mean deductions. What is wrong with these sports teams that they can’t tie performance into a contract, that should just be standard in ANY player contract,and if they were stand up players they would encourage it.

  2. How does Carlos Silva have a job and Pedro doesn’t? I know Pedro is old, but I rather give him a one year contract and see where that goes instead of this fat duche taking the hill every 5 days. The M’s right now have two pitchers that can pitch with anyone in baseball with Berdard and King Felix, Washburn has been a pleasent surprise to start this year, but besides that there is nobody else I feel comfortable with taking the hill.

  3. It looks like Carlos could skip a few meals.

    Carlos Silva is prime example of why the NFL is so superior to the NBA and MLB: no guaranteed contracts!

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