Is Pacquiao the best fighter of our generation?

pacquiaoAfter knocking out Ricky Hatton in the second round of a heavily publicized junior welterwight bout just three nights ago, the question has to be asked: Is Manny Pacquiao the best fighter of our generation?

With a career record of 49-3-2 (37 victories by KO), Pacquiao’s stats speak for themselves. The lightning-quick southpaw from the Philippines has won five world titles in five different weight divisions, often putting himself at a disadvantage by gaining or losing a significant amount of weight to take on an opponent.

In fact, all three of Pac-Man’s losses and both his draws have come as a result of his efforts to move up or down in class in a short period of time. While the action is common amongst boxers, Pacquiao often has had a quick turnover between fights and in turn a shorter amount of time to make weight.

Perhaps the only fighter who could challenge Pacquiao for the title of Best Of Our Generation is Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Mayweather has a career record of 39-0-0 (25 victories by KO), and hold a better winning percentage than Pacquiao. That said, he also has fought fifteen fewer battles than Pac-Man and retired at age 32, before unretiring this past week. It has been rumored that Pacquiao and Mayweather could meet in a December bout to decide once and for all who really is the greatest boxer of our time, but that has yet to be confirmed.

For now, fans of boxing have to put themselves into one of two camps: Pacquiao or Mayweather. Who’s the best? You decide.

3 thoughts on “Is Pacquiao the best fighter of our generation?”

  1. Until we have a heavyweight match worth paying $59.95 for, I won’t really care about the middle/lower weights.

  2. Mayweather needs to beat a quality fighter before he can even be considered as one of the greatest of our time…I don’t include De La Hoya because I think Golden Boy won that fight.

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