M’s steal one from A’s

Jose Lopez celebrates his game-winning hit. (AP)
Jose Lopez celebrates his game-winning hit. (AP)

You can find the game recap here.  And really, you can sum up last night’s victory in one word: Wow.

Carlos Silva did his best to give this one away, giving up six earned runs and failing to get out of the fourth inning, before the rest of the team picked him up and rallied back for a walk-off W.

Absolutely cannot understate the importance of a game like this. Facing adversity in the form of a 6-1 deficit, the M’s came all the way back to tie, and ultimately beat Oakland. Capped off by a Jose Lopez 14-pitch at-bat (were you watching, Yuni?) that resulted in a two-out, bases-loaded, walk-off single, the Mariners pulled the wool over the A’s eyes and sent them back to their hotel wondering what the hell just happened.

The M’s are now an improbable 8-2 against the American League West, something none of us saw coming. With a 3.5 game lead in the division, and one month already behind us, it’s time to start really believing. This isn’t a one- or two-week fluke thing anymore, this is reality.

The Mariners are tied for the second-best record in the American League(14-9, with Boston, and behind only Toronto), tied for the fourth-best record in the majors (with Boston and Florida), and actually have a better road record (8-5) than home (6-4). The Mariners, believe it or not, are for real.

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