UW cuts men’s and women’s swimming program

uwlogoI think it’s safe to say we can blame this on swine flu. (Joking.)

Don’t freak out about the loss of our swim teams, though. It’s not like you were going to the meets or anything, and if you were, it was almost surely on someone else’s dime (it is free for students, after all).

It sucks that the swim teams have to go, but let’s face facts: swimming wasn’t generating a ton of revenue (if any) for the school, and it wasn’t exactly a feasible keeper option during cutback time.

I’d much rather lose the swimming program, than witness fifty hard-working individuals get laid off to make up for the $1.2 million this saved the university.

We’ll live. Go Dawgs.

5 thoughts on “UW cuts men’s and women’s swimming program”

  1. Yeah but what happens to those students on scholarships, I’ll bet they aren’t too happy about the cuts.

  2. I failed to mention that the swimmers are still allowed to keep their scholarships should they choose to stay at UW, or if they still want to swim they can transfer immediately with no penalty from the NCAA.

    That’s plush.

  3. I think they should cut ALL the non profitable sports and see what they are left with. Can you guess?

  4. I think they should cut all of the scholarships of ATHLETES that wouldn’t qualify normally and see if it leaves them enough for the swim team.

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