2009 Bigger Dance: Results Thread

bd2009headerKJR’s Bigger Dance has begun! If you failed to fill out your bracket, you are now ineligible to participate and take home one of 30 prizes (including six trips) that your favorite sports radio station is giving away.

On the flip side, if you did fill out your bracket, you’re probably wondering how it will shape up. We’ll be updating this thread throughout the tournament with matchup results from the 2009 Bigger Dance, keeping you informed on all the games as they happen.

The most recent game will appear on the front page, while the rest of the results can be viewed by clicking on the article title or the “Read the rest of this entry” button.

*Denotes a correct pick by Seattle Sportsnet. After Day 11, we are currently 45-3.

*Game #48: (1) Jessica Alba 56, (9) Jennifer Aniston 19. Jennifer deserved better. Against anyone else, she might have pulled out the W. Instead, matched up against the buzzsaw that is Jessica Alba, Aniston was crushed.

*Game #47: (4) Angelina Jolie 58, (5) Julianne Hough 23. Domination by Jolie, as the actress trounced the waltzing Hough.

Game #46: (3) Bar Refaeli 51, (11) Penelope Cruz 19. Yes, this is our infamous “shoulda been Erin Andrews” match that may very well have cost us the Bigger Dance. You know that SSN was ranked 13th until today? I can’t be mad at you, Erin.

*Game #45: (2) Scarlett Johansson 46, (10) Ana Ivanovic 21. Johansson eliminated all suspense from this one by sending Ivanovic packing with power serve after power serve. On to round three.

*Game #44: (4) Gisele Bundchen 47, (5) Brooklyn Decker 27. In the battle of supermodels-turned-sports-wives, Mrs. Tom Brady got the best of Mrs. Andy Roddick, as Bundchen stomped her way into the next round.

*Game #43: (1) Eva Mendes 41, (8) Halle Berry 34. Proving that even the one-seeds can stumble along the way, Mendes was nearly tripped up by the savvy vet Berry, though managed to recover in time to make her way into the third round.

*Game #42: (3) Adriana Lima 38, (11) Brooke Burke 35. Lima was given a reality check as Burke turned what was supposed to be a blowout into a much closer game than anticipated.

*Game #41: (2) Jessica Biel 54, (10) Nicole Scherzinger 13. Complete annihilation as Biel ousted Pussycat Doll Scherzinger on her way to the Sweet 16.

*Game #40: (2) Carrie Underwood 46, (7) Taylor Swift 24. No surprise here as the veteran Underwood took down her protege, Swift, with relative ease. On to round three for Carrie.

*Game #39: (12) Maria Sharapova 55, (4) Kim Kardashian 14. Maybe the biggest surprise of the second round so far, in that Kardashian was absolutely smoked by Sharapova. Yes, we saw the tennis pro moving on, but not in runaway fashion like this.

*Game #38: (3) Eva Longoria 41, (11) Keira Knightley 19. She’s got a little Tony Parker in her (note the sexual innuendo) does Longoria, seemingly finding a way to win no matter the circumstance. Knightley down, and Eva has her sights set on the Sweet 16.

*Game #37: (1) Marisa Miller 36, (8) Lisa Gangel 29. Gotta love the support for the hometown hero in this one, but it just wasn’t enough to push the KING TV sportscaster past the supermodel Miller. The one-seed moves on.

*Game #36: (2) Alessandra Ambrosio 56, (7) Mila Kunis 16. Might not see any blowouts bigger than this from here on out. Ambrosio absolutely thrashed Kunis as she stormed her way into the Sweet 16, where she’ll have a much tougher matchup in round three with Keeley Hazell.

*Game #35: (1) Megan Fox 42, (8) Elin Nordegren 27. A little too close for comfort with this 1-8 matchup. With Fox as our pick to win it all, we would have liked to see here put a little distance between the rest of the field. No matter, she advances to the next round with the W.

*Game #34: (12) Jessica Simpson 41, (4) Hayden Panettiere 34. Simpson used her veteran experience to overpower the younger Panettiere. The surging 12-seed advances to the Sweet 16.

*Game #33: (3) Keeley Hazell 43, (11) Jennifer Love Hewitt 19. The Round of 32 kicks off with a quick exit by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Unless she can really turn her career around, this may be Love’s swan song in the Bigger Dance. Hazell advances to the Sweet 16.

*Game #32: (2) Carrie Underwood 56, (15) Kristen Bell 18. The always-popular Carrie Underwood showed up ready to play, as she thrashed the unfortunate Bell in this first-round matchup.

*Game #31: (7) Taylor Swift 46, (10) January Jones 23. See, folks, what you have to understand is it’s not always about sheer hotness. As stated in our Bigger Dance Preview, Swift had the female vote pocketed over the less-heralded Jones. And it showed, as the country singer doubled up on January and cruised into the second round.

*Game #30: (11) Keira Knightley 55, (6) Blake Lively 24. The first-timer Lively couldn’t overcome nerves as she was forced to succumb to the experience levied upon her by the underdog Knightley. Maybe next year, young buck.

*Game #29: (3) Eva Longoria 40, (14) Leryn Franco 22. Javelin thrower Franco did her best to stage the upset, but Mrs. Tony Parker was too strong down the stretch, overcoming a shaky start to distance herself in the game’s closing minute.

*Game #28: (1) Eva Mendes 41, (16) Sarah Palin 27. Uncomfortably close for a 1-16, but Palin did what she does best and found a way to lose to perennial powerhouse Mendes.

*Game #27: (8) Halle Berry 64, (9) Reese Witherspoon 13. Looking more like a 1-16 matchup than an 8-9, the experienced Berry came out swinging as she quickly took down Little Miss Thang in Witherspoon. That’s what you get for leaving Ryan Phillippe. Face.

*Game #26: (5) Brooklyn Decker 48, (12) Salma Hayek 45 — OT. Our first overtime matchup in this year’s Bigger Dance resulted in a Decker W, as the newly married Mrs. Andy Roddick used her youth and exuberance to stage a late run and carry momentum into the extra period.

*Game #25: (4) Gisele Bundchen 34, (13) Melissa From The Bachelor 27. The sob-story factor probably worked in Melissa’s favor, as the dumped girl from The Bachelor nearly ousted supermodel Bundchen before slipping away late.

*Game #24: (1) Jessica Alba 48, (16) Eliza Dushku 28. Not a good sign for three-time reigning Bigger Dance champion Jessica Alba, who clearly had her hands full in this matchup with Eliza Dushku. What was expected to be a blowout became an almost too-close-for-comfort Alba win. But it’s a win nonetheless, and the champ advances.

*Game #23: (4) Angelina Jolie 44, (13) Sara Jean Underwood 26. A lot of pseudo-experts projected a possible upset in this matchup, viewing SJU’s up-and-comingness as a positive thorn in the side of the aging Jolie. Alas, it all harkens back to name recognition in the Bigger Dance, and Jolie has just that.

*Game #22: (9) Jennifer Aniston 53, (8) Britney Spears 20. It’s Britney, bitch. And she’s still crazy enough to not warrant our votes in this tournament.

*Game #21: (5) Julianne Hough 47, (12) Yvonne Strahovski 29. Battle of two sleepers goes to Hough, who capitalized on her Dancing With The Stars fame to oust Strahovski of relatively little fame.

*Game #20: (3) Keeley Hazell 58, (14) Shakira 14. Wow. We expected a Hazell victory, but not to this degree. Shakira got absolutely smoked as the battle of international flavor went to Britain’s Hazell, in this matchup.

*Game #19: (11) Jennifer Love Hewitt 36, (6) Freida Pinto 27. It’s all about name recognition, and Love Hewitt certainly has that edge on Pinto, who we predicted wouldn’t make it out of the opening round. Love Hewitt may not go as deep into the tourney as in years past, but she’s a winner right now.

*Game #18: (2) Alessandra Ambrosio 48, (15) Natalie Gulbis 26. Ambrosio came out like the Phoenix Suns, putting up a high point total, but allowing a much higher than expected number of points to her opponent Gulbis. Ambrosio moves on, but the future doesn’t look so bright for the two-seed.

*Game #17: (7) Mila Kunis 42, (10) Isla Fisher 25. No upset here, as the Forgetting Sarah Marshall co-star ousted the annoyingly perky Fisher in a relatively close matchup. Kunis likely won’t last through round two, but she moves on for now.

*Game #16: (1) Marisa Miller 53, (16) Miranda Kerr 21. For a 1-16 matchup, this was much closer than anticipated. Kerr, a budding supermodel, was mostly a victim of a tough draw and could easily work her way into a single digit seed in 2010. For now, she’ll have to settle for a first-round exit at the hands of powerhouse Marisa Miller.

*Game #15: (8) Lisa Gangel 50, (9) Rebecca Stevenson 25. Was there ever any doubt? The KING 5 sportscaster dismantled KIRO 7 meteorologist Rebecca Stevenson in the pick-em 8-9 matchup.

*Game #14: (12) Maria Sharapova 59, (5) Rihanna 15. Rihanna couldn’t fight through the adversity of her off-court problems and put up a fight, going down hard to perennial powerhouse Sharapova. The Russian tennis pro has set the standard for scoring thus far with her 59 point outburst. Play some D, Rihanna!

*Game #13: (4) Kim Kardashian 48, (13) Kate Hudson 16. Maybe Kim can teach her boyfriend Reggie Bush a thing or two about success. She blew away the competition in the form of Kate Hudson and now has her sights set on round two.

*Game #12: (2) Jessica Biel 56, (15) Danica Patrick 13. Wow. We expected a blowout, but 56-13? That’s just ridiculous. Biel makes a statement with her 43-point victory, tallying the highest point total (56, tied with Scherzinger) and the largest margin of victory (43, tied with Nordegren) in the ’09 Bigger Dance thus far.

*Game #11: (10) Nicole Scherzinger 46, (7) Vanessa Hudgens 25. In the battle of relative unknowns, the more age-appropriate Scherzinger capitalized on the target audience by routing the teeny-bopper High School Musical star in Hudgens. On to the second round for the Pussycat Doll.

*Game #10: (3) Adriana Lima 56, (14) Marisa Tomei 18. This one got ugly fast as Lima absolutely crushed Tomei. With 56 points, the supermodel is the leading scorer in the tournament thus far.

*Game #9: (11) Brooke Burke 42, (6) Kate Beckinsale 33. Chalk this one up to home court advantage on American soil. The stateswoman, Burke, takes down the visiting Brit, Beckinsale, on her way to round two.

*Game #8: (10) Ana Ivanovic 39, (7) Katy Perry 16. As expected, the wily veteran pulled the wool over the eyes of the first-timer, when Ivanovic got the best of Perry in this matchup. Having been in the tournament in years past, Ivanovic knew what to expect coming into the field of play, and on top of that was playing with a chip on her shoulder after receiving a lower-than-anticipated seeding. The tennis pro moves on to round two.

Game #7: (3) Bar Refaeli 43, (14) Erin Andrews 21. Alas, our Cinderella left the ball much too early as Erin Andrews stumbled and fell mightily in her first round matchup with SI cover model Bar Refaeli. Our bracket is hurting now that Andrews has departed, but if we had to do it over again, we’d still take the ESPN sideline reporter any day of the week, objectivity be damned.

Game #6: (11) Penelope Cruz 32, (6) Anne Hathaway 31. The consequences of malnourishment are far-reaching, it seems, as the underfed Team Hathaway couldn’t maintain the fourth quarter stamina to put away a rallying Cruz ballclub. The Spaniard, relying on an inside-outside finesse game, made a late charge before establishing the lead in the final seconds after flopping on a phantom foul call. Damn Euros.

*Game #5: (2) Scarlett Johansson 40, (15) Rosario Dawson 9. Day Two of the Bigger Dance starts out as expected, with Johansson marching out to an early lead before blowing out the unheralded Dawson to advance on to the second round of play.

*Game #4: (1) Megan Fox 42, (16) Eva La Rue 7. The first day of games ended in relatively calm fashion, as one-seed Megan Fox smoked lightly-touted Eva La Rue en route to an appearance in the Round of 32. Fox joins Jessica Simpson, Elin Nordegren, and Hayden Panettiere in the second round as we now have our first four winners of the Bigger Dance.

*Game #3: (12) Jessica Simpson 33, (5) Beyonce Knowles 21. Ahh, the infamous 12-5 upset. What originally was deemed one of the toughest matches to predict turned into a runaway Simpson victory as Beyonce was sent home early. Simpson is now slated to take on Hayden Panettiere in the next round.

*Game #2: (8) Elin Nordegren 47, (9) Emmanuelle Chriqui 4. Thus proving our theory that name recognition is key in this tournament, what could have been a pick-em game (eight-nines usually are) turned into a rout, as Mrs. Tiger Woods went all U.S. Open on the lesser-known Chriqui and erupted for a 43-point victory.

*Game #1: (4)Hayden Panettiere 40, (13)Kate Walsh 2. No surprise here as youth overwhelmed experience in the tournament’s opening game. Panettiere, a four-seed, moves into the Round of 32 against the winner of the twelve-five matchup, Jessica Simpson versus Beyonce Knowles.

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