Nicole Zaloumis on maternity leave

nicolezaloumisWe have been informed that FSN’s Nicole Zaloumis has been granted maternity leave over the course of the next few weeks/months, however long it takes to pop out and then raise this kid.

While we cannot yet confirm this rumor, we can confirm that Jen Mueller was hosting the in-studio pregame show for the Mariners game (which eventually got rained out) yesterday. Mueller is usually relegated to field and sideline reporting, and the studio hosting duties are more often than not left to Angie Mentink and Zaloumis.

I think our only question is a simple one that needs to be asked: Who’s the baby’s daddy?

11 thoughts on “Nicole Zaloumis on maternity leave”

  1. I’ve heard that Junior possesses the ability to impregnate women simply by looking at them. He’s that powerful.

    Making it entirely possible that this is his child.

  2. I’m going to have to go with David Aardsma. On Aardsma’s facebook page it’s him with her for the profile picture… just a thought.

  3. Regardless of who the father is “he’s a lucky guy”. zaloumis is so beautiful. i would have to say the father plays for he milwuakee brewers.

  4. She left Washington DC after having some wild affairs with black athletes and a lesbian relationship at NBC- Channel 4.

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