Dick Fain, Brian Lambert cut by KJR

Dick Fain
Dick Fain

A tough day at sports radio 950 KJR AM as two notable members of the staff were let go by the station.

According to a brief announcement made by Dave “Softy” Mahler, both Dick Fain and Brian “Freight Train” Lambert became casualties of the current economic state today after being laid off.

Fain has been the de facto sidekick of Mahler for a number of years, providing a calming voice alongside the boisterous midday host. He also hosted two other shows on his own, The Fourth Quarter with Dick Fain, and Varsity Hoops/Football Live. Fourth Quarter was a Saturday midday talk show, while Varsity was a Friday night prep report recapping the basketball or football highlights from around the state.

Brian Lambert

Lambert was the longtime producer of Softy Mahler’s show from 10-1, and Ian Furness’ show from 1-3. Dubbed “Freight Train” by his coworkers, Lambert would often lend his talents to the on-air conversation, in many cases as the voice of reason between dissenting opinions.

Now that both these guys are looking for jobs, it would be wise of KIRO 710 ESPN to bring them in for interviews, at the very least. Fain is capable of hosting a quality weekday show of his own, as we stated back in January, and Lambert is a likable personality that could contribute immediately to an on-air production. Both of these guys would help stabilize the awkward, stumbling broadcasts we’ve heard out of 710 ESPN in their early going.

Whether or not they return to the local broadcasting scene, Fain and Lambert will both be missed at KJR. Best of luck to both of them.

15 thoughts on “Dick Fain, Brian Lambert cut by KJR”

  1. Along with all of our other co-workers, these two guys will truly be missed. It is a sad day over here at KJR.

  2. Already started this group to bring Fain to ESPN…They should of dumped Groz and Gas, or cut Mitch’s salary!!!!!!!

  3. I’ve had a chance to interact with both Dick and Brian over the years, they are both great guys and I hope they get picked up ESPN or FSN.


  4. I would have liked to see Dick and Brian remain at KJR, but not necessarily at the expense of others. It’s a function of the crap economy that people are losing jobs like this and you never want to see it happen to anyone. And unless you have real merit to call for someone else’s job, I don’t like the idea of doing that. No matter what your occupation or who you are, there’s always going to be people out there who think you suck at your job, so no sense in trying to take down those people who we just plain don’t like. Better to worry about ourselves in those situations.

  5. It is truly a sad day for Seattle sports fans, and especially those who make Sports Radio 950 part of their daily lives. Both guys brought a lot to the table in their own ways, and will be truly missed. As a former employee at the station, my thoughts and prayers are with them and their families. Don’t sweat it guys. Your talents will undoubtedly land you gigs elsewhere in the future. Good Luck to you both.

  6. I really liked Dick Fain. When he would fill in for other hosts, I would make a point to listen. I would of rather seen Sandy go than Fain. Good luck in the future and hopefully ESPN picks him up.

  7. One other casualty of the day that we neglected to mention in the original post: Andy Bunker, producer of Mike Gastineau’s show, was also let go yesterday.

    Andy hadn’t been with the station for too long, but had made a significant impact in the short time he was there. He helped create the “Basketball Jones” segment, profiling local basketball stars in college and the pros around the country, and was given the opportunity to share his comments on-air by Gas during the nightly show.

    Like Dick and Brian, we wish Andy nothing but the best in the future.

  8. I’m a little surprised there are more than just a couple people that are going to miss Fain. He’s pretty awful, and the fact that he got canned by KJR speaks volumes. But if that’s what you enjoy, different strokes I guess…

  9. Sounds like the add sales people haven’t been doing their job.

    In terms of cuts, it amazes me that Mini-Mitch (Sandy) still has a place at the station – he literally has not said one original thing in the past 12 months.

    Let’s go 710, let’s go!!

  10. I feel bad for Lambert. He’s a good guy. Maybe next time Fain is going to spend an hour calling for someone to get fired he’ll think twice about it. It doesn’t feel good does it?

  11. you dumb assess at 950 will sit and watch your audience melt away smug in the hope that your hosts will endure the espn intro. i represent your demograghics and i asure you that sandy sucks and is just an ass kisser to mitch, who is easily replaced by any espn host. softy is a homer who in spite of his dimwit nature will retain an audience because he is a homer. ian serves the purpose of providing the cougar portion even though his skills are obviuosly limited and you should keep gros or gas, not both because of financial reasons. clearly elise is a keeper, not because she is a she but because she is more knowledgeable than 90% of your on air talent. i have never met dick fein or brian lambert but if you are trying to save money purple sheet by letting these two go then espn will, in spite of their weak local talent already have a leg up. i know i listen to both and you will lose, which will not make a local like me happy. wake up!

  12. I was interning there the day this happened :( it was sad and I didn’t even know what was going on! I just walked in to be the good little intern I was and I had the impression that someone had died! In fact: Lambert was the one I talked to to intern!

    Random how I came across this at 1 in the morning a year and a half later…

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